Exhibitor Testimonials 2017

Ayman Ali, Marketing Manager, Canon

We are pleased to be at SGI Dubai 2017. Our stand this year is quite different as we are more focused on signage and applications. We are showcasinging our range of products that are for both indoor and outdoor usage. Also for the first time we are unveiling digital signage Canon projectors. We have different kinds of interactive digital signage products as we know that this is one of the fastest growing industries. We have also brought in augmented reality along with signage. We are linking the printed signage with augmented reality applications which adds a lot of value to the printed signage industry.

Shadi Bakhour, Regional Director, Canon

We are delighted to be a part of the SGI Dubai fraternity with a good show stand displaying our portfolio. We are showcasing state of the art equipment when it comes to wide format printing. We have been participating in this event for the past 4 years. We have never missed it since as it is an important event for us where we showcase our latest products and innovations into the market which is growing at a rapid pace. We have introduced new products this year. We are known for our indoor signage products but this time we are getting our outdoor solutions. It’s an exciting year for us where we are launching a lot of products. We are not stopping here as our innovations and solutions extend beyond this. Today we are going into interactive digital signage where end users can interact with the signage. We are bringing digital signage to life which revolves around augmented reality. We are showcasing a broad category of products this year and we look forward to SGI Dubai and also a double digit growth as we look forward into the future.

Pavan Gupta, CEO, Color Jet International

We are pleased to be at SGI Dubai. We are the largest inkjet printer manufacturer in India. We have expanded to more than 20 countries in the world. Our range of printers includes digital media printing machines, eco solvent printing machines and we also have a presence in the textile printing market. We are exhibiting our flatbed UV printer as well as the indoor printer. We also have good cutting solutions apart from printing solutions.

Michael Smetana, HP GSB EMEA, HP

We have been supporting the show since many years. This year we came with a lot of new products from our indoor and outdoor latex portfolio but our focus is on applications. The importance of graphics portfolio is yet to be realised that we can bring to the market. Interior designing, wall art applications, floor graphics and traditional signage displays are key elements of our offerings. The markets have been picking up since the past 12 months after some challenges. This year has a lot of potential for the signage display business. Solvent technology is what many have invested in the past but HP latex brings in the same durability with eco-friendly solutions. SGI Dubai indeed is a great platform to introduce new product range to new and existing customers.

Sunil Purushothaman, General Manager, Masonlite

Masonlite has been in the industry since 1980 and we have been associated with SGI since the beginning. We feel it’s the ideal platform to generate our business. SGI is the only show which is leading forth the way. This show will help us to develop and improve our business and hopefully we look forward to generating good revenue from this platform, We would like to attend the show next year by building it up with a massive space.

Anuj Thajudeen, Business Development Manager, Digital Planet

This is our second year at SGI Dubai. We believe that it is one of the leading shows in Middle East. We have many customers coming in from Middle East and Africa. We find a mix of existing customers as well as well as new customers and we are pleased with the fact that a good turnaround of customers had come for the show which is definitely a good sign of the market. We are happy about the support from the exhibitors as we look forward to bigger shows in the coming years as we would love to participate next year too.

Xavier Jorge, Area Manager, Barberan

We are first time exhibitors at SGI Dubai and are happy to attend a show this big with plenty of opportunities for us. This exhibition has been really interesting so far as we have received a lot of enquiries from many people. We feel that this is a good time to be here in Dubai. We are optimistic about attending the show next year as the results have been good so far. Overall the experience at SGI Dubai 2017 has been memorable and a pleasant one for us.

Nadim Jrab, Manager, Dynagraph

We have been associated with SGI Dubai since the past seven years and are pleased to be here in the 20th edition. The market has started to pick up as we have noticed customers from Kuwait, Saudi Arabia and Gulf countries. There is a noticeable refreshing moment in digital solutions. The show is an ideal platform to showcase our latest offerings and garner maximum benefits. We have displayed LED display screens from Portugal and also finishing solutions and interior designs and we are getting a good feedback from the market. SGI Dubai indeed is a great platform to introduce new product range to new and existing customers.

Mian Maqsood, Sales Manager, Business Point International

We are participating at SGI Dubai since 2010 and this is the 8th time. This is an apt show as we get a lot of enquiries from other countries. We can promote our brands and meet with suppliers and capture customers from African countries. This exhibition is an ideal platform as we can promote our upcoming technologies.

Leona Toh, Manager Overseas Business Development, Sharpmax Limited

This is our first appearance at the SGI Dubai exhibition. The show has been very well organized and a lot of good companies and brand names have participated. In general we are very happy with the way things are moving as we look forward to participating next year also.

Philipe Husni, General Manager, Heliozid Oce

Heliozid Oce has been associated with SGI Dubai since the past few years. We started our first display at the exhibition when we first put our graphic machines. SGI Dubai is an interesting exhibition and we know now the dynamics of the show. It’s a great place to display our signage products. It’s a good place to unveil our latest machines and display the products and applications. SGI Dubai 2017 has been a wonderful event for us and we hope to be back next year too.

Vinod Gehani, Project Manager, Strings International

For our company SGI Dubai 2017 has been beneficial and we have been exhibiting for past six years now. We have a good experience with SGI Dubai as the organisations management team has been well supporting us. Comparing to last year, this year we have received a lot of enquires and positive leads especially on the first day. We hope that 2017 will be better compared to 2016 as we firmly believe that this exhibition is an ideal platform to reap benefits for our business. The organisers have kept improvising and we are pretty happy with the way they have organized this event.

M Karthik, Sales Manager, Emirates Computers/Roland

Our association with SGI has been right since its inception. We have been participating since the past 20 years as we have seen the show grow year after year. We are particularly happy this year as we have brought some concepts which are closer to the market in this regional Middle East market. We are happy with the responses received since we came with minimal expectations. This event is the key place to showcase our products including signage solutions. As major players in this industry we cannot afford to miss this show. We are extremely happy that that feedback given last year has been implemented in this 20th edition where corners have been earmarked for applications and the engagement with the end users has been encouraging.

Shelly David, Marketing Manager, Graphic International

We are delighted to be a part of the SGI Dubai fraternity as we have been a part of it since the past 20 years and we have been consistent as we have been here every year. SGI has always been the best platform for the printing and signage industry which is why we feel this is the right place to tap the right visitors. It is one of the kind of shows in the region which brings together people from various geographies under one roof. The organisers have been very good to us and have been growing with them. Compared to last year we have good space showcasing various brands like flatbed printers, the laminators, finishing systems. The organisers have been very cordial and very welcoming and providing us with our requirements at the show. This is the beginning of the year and the organisers have done a pretty good role in bringing exhibitors from across the region.

Govind Unni, Sales Manager, Al Shabak

Our company has been with SGI since the first show and has participated in all the shows. It is the only show of its kind in the Middle East for the printing and signage industries. Being the only show in the region we are always depending on this exhibition to launch new products and machines and are quite happy with the way the show is conducted by the organisers. We will return to the show next year as we have never missed a single show.

Philip Pabuna, Management Assistant, Al Tarkeez

Al Tarkeez started its association with SGI Dubai since last year. It’s a good show as one can get to know about new technologies and get a hands on approach to them especially the engraving and printing verticals. We think that this exhibition is a good platform to showcase our products. We have realised the worth of SGI Dubai and will be pleased to associate ourselves with IEC for the coming years to make a statement.

Ashish Panjabi, COO, Jacky’s

Jacky’s has been taking part in SGI since 2001 as we have seen our presence grow over the years. This is the most important show in our calendar as it is by far the biggest show in this region. This is where most of the people from the print and signage industry converge. We have focused on finishing solutions during this event with emphasis on digital finishing with lot of investments in this vertical. This exhibition is the place to be where deals are cracked as we look forward to participating next year also.

Moataz Salah Eldin, General Manager, AGFA

SGI Dubai is one of the oldest shows in the region and we were with SGI right since the beginning. The exhibition is an important platform as a tradeshow for every industrial company related to this show. There is a lot to learn from the competition and latest in the technology as we get to meet a lot of customers. We are happy to close deals on three machines apart from wonderful opportunities to follow up. We have a very encouraging feedback for the show and also hope that it will be an even larger show in the coming years.

Naji Kazak, Sales and Marketing Director MEA, OKI

We have been with SGI since the past 10 years and we would definitely want to participate again and again in such a successful event. We have witnessed the potential of the show and have got our returns from the event as we feel that it will grow more and more over the years with the way the organisers are conducting the show. We hope that the organisers keep up their good work as we hope to return next year.

Shihab Zubair, Regional Sales Manager - Professional Solutions, Epson Europe

Our Precision Core TFP print heads demonstrated at SGI is one of our major break-through innovations and is the result of one of the largest investments in research and development in Epson’s history, merging the company’s expertise in MEMS (Micro Electro Mechanical Systems) fabrication with advances in material science. We have experienced strong demand for signage printing in this region with an 18% growth in 2016. With the introduction of new products and upgraded technology, we look forward to capturing larger share of the regional signage sector.

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