Visitor Testimonials 2017

Shahin Al Zawain, India

This is my first visit to SGI Dubai. It is definitely a well-organized and a good show. The purpose of my visit is to research on a few products and get a feel of the exhibition. It a great opportunity to come here and see different new products and see what’s available in the market.

Abu Saleh Al Aglan, Saudi Arabia

This is my fifth visit to SGI show. This year the show has been good as I feel that it is one platform to find all the companies around GCC and across the globe here in Dubai. The show will benefit exhibitors that will let them win new clients. I would like to thank the organizer and hope the show to grow over the coming years.

Kharram Saleem, Pakistan

Being my first time visit to SGI exhibition I must say that I am pretty impressed with the way it has been put up. The show has the latest offerings and innovative solutions on display. I will be visiting the show on all the three days to learn more about the industry and the market.

Marshal Joseph, India

SGI Dubai is a very good show and I’m glad that I have attended this exhibition for the first time. There have been some lucrative deals at the show and will be in touch with the exhibitors to make a good deal. To be honest I am impressed by the way the products at the show have been lined up and segregated. I definitely hope to make a trip to Dubai to attend the show next year.

Ferdinand Gesner, Cameron

I got a good experience form the show and got to see new technology and more and more companies with a host of products. I am a new visitor and I feel this show has been organized very efficiently. I am happy to visit the exhibition and meet the stakeholders face-to-face. The show will definitely help me in my business. Hope to visit SGI next year and every year.

Ahmad Ayesh, Jordan

I am a regular visitor at SGI and have been here for the past 3 years. My visit to SGI is mainly of business nature. I quite like the exhibition as my experience with the show has been very great. To pledge my commitment to SGI I would certainly be coming next year too.

Collin Mthombeni, South Africa

This is my first visit to SGI and I will visit the show all the three days. I am happy with the product line-up and solutions offered at the show so far and feel that I will get what I am looking for. It a good place to come and see different solutions and technologies in the market and would definitely want to come next year too.

Ayman G. Zieneldeen, Lebanon

It is a great opportunity to come here and experience different products and see what’s available in the market. I am a regular visitor and have been here since 2014. We are looking out for new products at the show and have been quite satisfied with our search so far. Would love to thank the organisers for the show as I look forward to coming next year also.

Hamed Abdulllah, Oman

This is my third visit to the show, and did find quite a few useful products this year. I will come next year because it’s the only platform that showcases the latest technology in my area of interest and I wish to congratulate the organisers of SGI for putting up such a good show.

Nick Decock, Belgium

SGI Dubai has been a great show especially in the Middle East region. This is my second visit to this exhibition and I am happy that I could see more product offerings for stakeholders. Also it is good to note that the latest technology and solutions are being offered by multiple players under one platform. I rate my experience at the SGI exhibition as excellent and would love to come here next year too.

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