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AGAIN ONE BIG NICE IMAGE FROM OUR SHOWWhether it is clothing, medical devices, printed electronics circuit boards, product labels, signs and displays, snowboard graphics, textile fabric, among other industry sectors. The miscellaneous applications for screen printing seem endless. Screen printing is used to print the security features on paper money. It’s used to print rear windshield defrosters, backlit signage, smart clothing fabrics, gift cards, scratch-off tickets and public transportation tickets. It’s even used to print collision safety features for sea-based wind farms.

While other technologies have made their way into the commercial printing industry, screen printing is definitely here to stay. The centuries-old technology remains popular in its traditional applications, such as garment and sign printing, and new uses for screen printing in technology, medicine and other fields continue are developed all the time.

It’s your time to shine and be part of the SGI Dubai 2021 show. There is a huge print requirement in the markets within the MENA region for this form of printing. SGI Show has predominantly grown on screen printing industry and even with the advent of latest -digital technologies, screen printing has a market of its own and it still enjoys a very large pie of the industry’s overall market share.

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