3D printer manufacturer Raise3D has launched its new Fused Filament Fabrication (FFF) 3D printer series named Pro3 HS alongside Hyper Core Filament Line. Equipped with a motion control system, the Pro3 HS Series attains improved speed, precision, and accuracy, streamlining the manufacturing of large composite components. Raise3D’s Hyper Core filaments feature a fiber-dense inner core with well-aligned carbon fibers, enhancing heat conductivity and accelerating filament melting in the hot end. Additionally, the unique distribution of fibers within the Hyper Core filament ensures that fewer fibers protrude from the surface, optimizing the retention of residual thermal energy within the fiber-rich core. This innovation enhances polymer healing and welding processes between adjacent lines and layers, leading to notable improvements in Z-directional strength, surface print quality, and the longevity of the printer nozzle. Source: 3DPrintingindustry

Korbyt has announced the prioritization of AI in its cloud-based platform strategy, according to a press release. The company is to reveal a range of AI-powered tools designed for its Korbyt Anywhere cloud-based CMS platform at InfoComm 2024 in Las Vegas, with target use cases including corporate communication and education. "Tailoring digital content to specific audiences in real time has traditionally been unattainable for most organizations, but mainstream adoption of AI promises to bring this within easy reach," George Clopp, CTO at Korbyt, said in the release. "We look forward to sharing with InfoComm attendees how our Korbyt Anywhere platform will evolve in the months ahead with new AI-powered features to help our customers automate the delivery of personalized content that resonates more deeply with their targeted audiences." Source: DigitalSignageToday

Planar has launched its Luminate Ultra W Series display family for outdoor use, featuring high-brightness, fine pixel pitch, and 16:9 wide aspect ratio, according to a press release. The line leverages MicroLED technology and includes models in 1.3, 1.6, and 2.0 millimeter pixel pitches, with brightness up to 3000 nits. "Demand for high bright, outdoor LED is here to stay and we're excited to extend our support in this space with a new state-of-the-art, outdoor-rated fine pixel pitch LED display that not only looks great, but is also built to last and reduces deployment complexity," Robert Detwiler, senior director of product management and training at Planar, said in the release. "The Planar Luminate Ultra W Series combines a 16:9 cabinet layout with narrow pixel pitches and high brightness to transform the presentation of up-close, high-quality video content. This enables more impactful visual experiences that are easier to facilitate in a wider range of use cases." Source: DigitalSignageToday

Following the launch of the revolutionary water-based UV patented ink technology AQUAFUZE from Fujifilm Group, the company released a technical preview of the new Acuity Triton 1.6m width printer. The Acuity Triton project brings together two titans of the wide format inkjet industry. The hardware is manufactured in Japan by Mutoh, whose reputation for building quality driven, reliable inkjet printers over the last 20 years is outstanding. The AQUAFUZE ink has been developed and produced by Fujifilm, drawing on its unparalleled track record of ink innovation. Acuity Triton is the ideal pairing for the AQUAFUZE ink technology to support its vast range of applications with excellent print results for this market space. Source: ME Printer

Technology major HP Inc. has announced a strategic multi-year global partnership with Canva, the world’s only all-in-one visual communication platform, empowering millions of people using Canva globally to seamlessly design online, create visual content, and print locally at scale. The global partnership between HP Inc. and Canva is set to benefit both HP Print Service Providers (PSPs) and the Canva community globally, allowing anyone creating visual content on the Canva platform to enjoy a completely integrated design and print eco-system. Delivering on demand services, and a seamless design-to-print experience, the multi-year deal will empower millions of people using Canva to design anything and print anywhere without compromising quality and authenticity. Source: ME Printer

Panasonic Connect has launched a range of live experience solutions including the PT-REQ15/REZ15 Series 1-Chip DLP 4K Projectors, Silky Fine Mist (for hologram-like 3D effect generation), Media Production Suite, and the ET-FMP50 Series Media Processor. Panasonic Connect has launched a range of live experience solutions including the PT-REQ15/REZ15 Series 1-Chip DLP 4K Projectors, Silky Fine Mist (for hologram-like 3D effect generation), Media Production Suite, and the ET-FMP50 Series Media Processor, according to a press release. Source: DigitalSignageToday

Shadi Bakhour, B2B Business Unit Director, Canon Middle East Shadi Bakhour, B2B Business Unit Director, Canon Middle East Navigating the complexities of today’s marketing landscape, brand marketers are tasked with capturing consumer attention and influencing spending decisions in a rapidly evolving environment. The challenge is intensified by the multitude of channels, marketers must navigate— from traditional media to digital platforms, social media, experiential marketing, out-of-home (OOH), and in-store promotions. Each channel competes fiercely for consumer eyeballs and wallet share, while customer journeys remain unpredictable and scattered across multiple touchpoints. Despite the digital saturation, print retains a unique ability to capture attention, driving tangible customer engagement and loyalty. In the Middle East, where traditional forms of communication still hold significant value, print is proving extremely effective. Source: ME Printer

Canon’s full range of UVgel roll-to-roll printers, comprising the Colorado 1600 series and the new Colorado M-series, is now compatible with SAi Flexi, the all-in-one design, print, and cut software for sign and print providers. Flexi Complete, the latest version of the RIP software, supports all Colorado models for seamless integration into a sophisticated production workflow. SA International (SAi), a leader in design-to-production software, has released Flexi Complete, which includes drivers for the whole Colorado range (1630, 1640, 1650, M3 [W], and M5 [W]) and supports both white and multilayer printing. The new software drivers also support Canon’s FLXfinish+ technology, which enables customers to print matte, gloss, or mixed matte and gloss on the same print, without the need for additional varnish. Source: ME Printer

US-based 3D printer manufacturer Boston Micro Fabrication (BMF) has launched the microArch D1025, a new 3D printer for the production of micro-scale parts that require high precision and repeatability. This is the first offering in a new line of high-fidelity BMF 3D printing products. Leveraging the company’s patented Projection Micro Stereolithography (PμSL) technology, the microArch D1025 can produce parts at resolutions of 10μm or 25μm. The system also offers a hybrid mode, where both resolutions can be combined into a single layer or switched between layers. BMF’s new 3D printer features built-in automation for improved efficiency, reportedly enabling cost and time savings. Given its versatility and high resolution, the microArch D1025 is targeted towards research, healthcare, electronics, life sciences, and photonics applications. Source: 3DPrintingindustry

InkTec, a leader in printing and ink technologies; is excited to announce its new partnership with Signdepot. They will operate as the official distributor for JETRIX printers in Hungary and Slovenia. This collaboration marks a significant step in InkTec's expansion strategy in Europe, enhancing the availability and service of the high-performance JETRIX printing solutions to the Hungarian and Slovenian market. Signdepot are known for their digital printing, advertising design and laser cutting capabilities. Established in 2005 they pride themselves on working with companies that offer value and quality. All underpinned by an on-going relationship with their customers from installation, regular servicing and problem solving. Source: Largeformatreview.com

Durst Group, the world's leading manufacturer of digital printing and production technologies, has announced the 1,000th customer installation of Durst Workflow software. This achievement marks a doubling of the customer base since 2022, reflecting continued growth and commitment to delivering top-level solutions to the printing industry. Durst Workflow is the high-end solution for fully automated management of prepress and production tasks. The software is compatible with a wide range of printing machinery within diverse segments. Whether utilizing Durst or non-Durst machinery, clients can leverage the full capabilities of the software to meet their diverse needs. Michael Deflorian, Business Unit Manager, Durst Software & Solutions, explains: “We are proud that more than 1,000 customers are relying on our solution and are increasing their efficiency automating their prepress and production operation across different sectors. This underlines the quality of our products and the commitment of our experts, who offer global support to assist our customers in achieving exceptional results.” Source: Largeformatreview.com

The Agfa Middle East family has welcomed a new customer, and the company has announced the latest installation of the Anapurna H2500i, UV Hybrid Printer, and Digital Flat Bed Cutter EYKON2516 at DRC. Another Agfa Anapurna H2500i printer has been installed in East Africa. The Print Store Ltd. in Kenya, Agfa's esteemed reseller has done it.The wide-format hybrid Anapurna LED series is a perfect fit for sign shops, digital printers, photo labs and mid-size graphic screen printers that want to combine board and roll-to-roll print jobs. The engines print at a width up to 3.2 m and combine high quality with high productivity for outdoor and indoor, rigid and flexible wide-format jobs. The white ink function creates possibilities for printing on transparent material for backlit applications or for printing white as a spot color. Source: PrinteWeekMENA

Die-cutting plays a crucial role in shaping and sizing labels, utilizing various methods including traditional mechanical cutting and innovative digital techniques. This process begins with a roll of pressure-sensitive material being unwound and fed through multiple print heads for printing. Additional processes such as foiling, embossing, and varnishing may be applied before the material is die-cut into specific shapes and sizes. The processed web is then slit into individual label reels and rewound, prepared for application. Mechanical die-cutting utilizes tools like flexible, solid rotary, or flat dies, traditionally crafted from steel. However, advancements have introduced digital laser die-cutting, enhancing precision and versatility. The die-cutting operation, known for its non-chipping shearing process, is pivotal in determining the label’s final application. The process requires meticulous control to ensure the die only cuts through the label material and adhesive without damaging the silicone-coated release liner beneath. Source: ME Printer

Dutch signage business Bordbusters has opened up about how its quartet of HP Latex 800 printers has helped it respond to a rise in demand for its diversified range of services and deliver more high-quality printed applications to customers. Based near the city of Arnhem, Bordbusters was founded in 1999 by Eric Heijting with an initial focus on providing signs for construction projects. Over the years, the company has expanded to become a leading provider of a wide range of signage solutions, with its team of 55 staff delivering everything from indoor and outdoor advertising applications to vehicle graphics and LED screens. The Bordbusters business is split into several units to allow it to deliver such a diversified service. Bordbusters is the core signage business; Mediabusters focuses on LED screens; Rentbusters provides solutions for temporary structures such as bus stops and bike shelters; and Lightbusters specialises in public lighting projects. The group as a whole turns over around €9.0m each year, with €6.0m coming from the Bordbusters core signage business. Source: Largeformatprinting.com

Global industry leader and manufacturer of wide-format inkjet printers and cutting plotters Mimaki Engineering Co., Ltd. has announced that US company Avery Dennison has adopted their UV curable inkjet printer for a new model of its traffic sign printing system, TrafficJet Xpress. The Avery Dennison TrafficJet Print System is a digital print platform that prints on reflective sheeting for traffic signs, vehicle marking, and traffic devices. The American company manufactures reflective sheeting and digital inks and provides customers with printer installation and service. It features a long-term digital sign warranty of up to 15 years for outdoor exposure. Source: ME Printer

Founded in 2000 and now with about 50 employees operating in a 35,000 square foot factory, and one of the largest providers of display graphics printing in Canada, Prismaflex produces a wide range of display graphics products – from point of purchase materials and backlit signs to wall coverings, interior décor, indoor and outdoor signage and more. Prismaflex recently acquired an EFI VUTEk 5r+ roll-to-roll LED inkjet printer from Electronics For Imaging, Inc., to update their production fleet and boost their productivity. Source: Largeformatprinting.com

XSYS has announced the introduction of EcoFillX, an innovative software feature developed for ThermoFlexX imagers, which promises to significantly reduce washout solvent usage. Targeting the non-image areas of photopolymer printing plates, EcoFillX represents another important step towards improving the sustainability of the flexographic platemaking process. As a new add-on feature within MultiPlate software for ThermoFlexX imagers, EcoFillX incorporates imageable structures into the non-printing areas of the flexographic plate. Through intelligent image analysis, EcoFillX swiftly populates those areas in the LAMS layer with the designated pattern, leveraging the versatile ThermoFlexX optics to expedite imaging. Source: ME Printer

Konica Minolta, Inc. and FUJIFILM Business Innovation Corp. have signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) to begin a feasibility study for a strategic alliance in the multifunction printer (MFP), office printer, and production printer segments. As the rapidly evolving market landscape for MFPs and printers requires proactive measures, the two Japanese technology giants are actively considering a business partnership to strengthen their business foundation, including the development of a robust supply system for their products. With FUJIFILM as the majority stake holder, the tentative timetable for the establishment of the joint venture is the second-quarter of FY24. The companies are also seeking to expand other business alliances and continue discussions. The initial focus of the joint venture will be to coordinate the procurement of raw materials and parts, toner development and production business alliance, and other strategic collaborations related to the subject business that will be addressed separately. Source: ME Printer

Zund UK, the pioneering leading force in digital cutting technology solutions, is proud to announce the successful conclusion of its highly anticipated grand opening ceremony for its new 40,000 sq. ft UK headquarters at Acuta House, Letchworth Garden City, Hertfordshire. One of the highlights of the event was the grand unveiling of the new Q-Line with BHS180, the first of its kind in the UK; showcasing Zund UK's dedication to continuous innovation and pushing technological boundaries. Attendees had the opportunity to witness a live product demonstration and engage in interactive Q&A sessions, marking a pivotal moment for Zund UK and our guests. Source:Largeformatprinting.com

D-house laboratorio urbano, along with Pattern Group Innovation Hub, has announced it is once again collaborating with Kornit Digital to showcase “Printed Rituals”, conceived by Guardini Ciuffreda Studio. D-House laboratorio urbano leads the way in applying new technologies in fashion, design, and automotive sectors - showcasing pioneering projects and innovative insights that creatively explore new technologies, fostering the evolution of technological paradigms. The project serves as an open reflection of our place in the world and the way we express it. The installation is in the rooms of the urban laboratory to create a cozy and comfortable environment, enabling the exploration of the infinite synergies between fashion, design, and creativity. An illusory corridor will guide visitors through this journey. Nature's elements welcome us: colorful flowers, herons in flight, protective whales, fantastical elements, and delicate human beings, all imparting the value of the here and now. Garments illuminate the various rooms, transforming them into luminous lanterns. This symbolizes a ritual of profound spirituality—a sanctuary for spirit guides on their journey to serenity and conscious global enlightenment. Source: Largeformatprinting.com

Fiery, LLC, the largest independent provider of digital front ends (DFEs) and workflow software announced the next generation of its sign making and graphic production software, SignLab 11. This latest release combines powerful vector and bitmap design and editing tools to simplify the production of banners, signs, decals, décor, and more. From one platform, sign businesses can design and produce vibrant and unique digitally printed, vinyl cut, and print/cut signs and graphics. Unlike general design platforms, SignLab is purpose-built for the production environment, offering greater control of design elements and support for the most popular print, cut, and hybrid devices. The new vectorization controls, weed features, pdf cut tools, effects catalog, and fit to shape features are not typically found in general design applications and require third party applications. Combining these tools with the widest direct support for output devices, SignLab provides printers with a comprehensive and feature-rich production platform that includes integrated design, layout, and production workflow software for sign making, large format graphics, and print/cut applications. Source: Largeformatprinting.com

Cornwall-based wide-format printing specialist Print 2 Media worked with Drytac Polar Grip to produce a series of eye-catching and educational wall graphics for a local school. Established in 2006, Print 2 Media is located in the ancient Cornish town of Liskeard, delivering print services to customers in the local area and further afield. Print 2 Media initially focused on exhibition work but since the pandemic has expanded its offering into other areas, picking up a range of new customers in the process. One area in which Print 2 Media has experienced particular success is the education sector, helped by the launch of its school-focused division, The School Sign Shop. Offering everything from school playground signage to wall murals, The School Sign Shop now works with education settings across Cornwall and the UK. One recent customer was Mousehole School, which, based further down the A30 in Penzance, contacted Print 2 Media for support with a wall graphics project. This involved producing a series of wall graphics and installing these at spots throughout the school. Source: Largeformatprinting.com

NSW Central Coast print service provider Signarama Tuggerah has experienced a 25 per cent revenue increase and impressive business growth since its new HP Latex 800W has been in operation. In early 2019, the print-house, which was founded in 2007, was acquired by husband-and-wife duo Gary and Melissa Marshall (above), bringing with them a passion for print, and a new business outlook. Keeping members of the original Signarama team and continuing to support local talent in the print industry, they strengthened their expertise and application options. In the initial days of taking over operations, and before investing in the HP Latex R1000 Plus to replace their existing UV flatbed printer, Melissa mostly counted on the HP Latex 360 printer to deliver the majority of their large signage jobs. Source: Largeformatprinting.com

Vistar Media, an out-of-home media solutions firm, has partnered with Starlite Media, a DOOH and retail media network of more than 500 screens, according to a press release. The deal will see Vistar software powering the Starlite Media network end-to-end, and means Starlite inventory can be managed via Vistar software, including its ad server, content management system and supply-side platform. "Starlite's network is a gateway to a premium audience at the point of purchase," Eric Lamb, SVP, enterprise solutions at Vistar Media, said in the release. Source: DigitalSignagetoday.com

Sony Electronics has announced a range of updates for its ELF-SR2 and ELF-SR1 Spatial Reality Display systems, which display 3D information without the need for glasses or other wearables. Sony Electronics has announced a range of updates for its ELF-SR2 and ELF-SR1 Spatial Reality Display systems, which display 3D information without the need for glasses or other wearables, according to a press release. The launch includes an updated version of the displays' Spatial Reality Display Plugin for Preview software, which aims to enhance compatibility with digital content creation tools (a.k.a. DCC), including upgraded assessment of intricate curves, complex structures, and animations. The software update includes tools that specifically target Autodesk Maya, including real time design review, enhanced control methods (including keyboards, gamepads, Playstation DUALSHOCK 4 and DualSense controllers, among others), along with direct display of Maya scenes. In addition to Autodesk Maya, the plugin offers different versions to support Autodesk 3dsMax, ZBrush, and Blender. Source: DigitalSignagetoday.com

Aligning with the company’s core values of a human-centred approach, Canon presented the first module of its workshop series ‘Women Who Empower’, led by Ayman Aly, Marketing Director, Canon EMEA. Participants delved into the intricate world of photo printing workflows, exploring emerging trends and market insights, with an exclusive demonstration featuring different print solutions and print media. The programme includes three modules: printing, photography, and content creation, with each having two theory and two practical sessions. The classes include foundational theory, technical instructions, and a month of supervised Canon equipment practice in the chosen field. Besides Aly who leads the printing module, renowned action photographer and Canon Ambassador Jorge Ferrari will lead the photography curriculum, while Emirati director and executive producer Nahla Al Fahad will provide extensive training in content creation. The interactive workshops are part of Canon’s ‘Women Who Empower’ campaign in collaboration with the Dubai Business Women Council (DBWC), a leading platform in the UAE for the personal and professional development of business women. Source: MEPrinter

The adoption of pigment inks is set to make textile printing more eco-friendly and efficient, despite concerns over cost and vibrancy. This article explores the shift towards sustainable solutions in textile printing, focusing on the rise of pigment inks. It highlights their environmental benefits, versatility, and technological advancements. In today’s world, where sustainability is becoming increasingly important, industries are seeking eco-friendly alternatives to traditional methods. The textile industry has been under scrutiny due to its environmental impact. Fortunately, advancements in technology have paved the way for more sustainable solutions, such as pigment inks in digital textile printing. Due to advancements in quality, performance, and availability, there is a growing need for digital pigment ink solutions for textile printing. Additionally, pigment inks are a more environmentally friendly option, which draws in more and more companies that care about the environment. Source: Fibre2fashion

22Miles, a 3D wayfinding and digital signage SAAS solutions firm, announced its Tradeshow AI Assistant, a custom-trained conversational AI for event operations and attendee support. 22Miles, a 3D wayfinding and digital signage SAAS solutions firm, has announced its Tradeshow AI Assistant, a custom-trained conversational AI for event operations and attendee support, according to a press release. The product integrates 22Miles generative AI with the 22Miles 3D Wayfinding App, and can be deployed on digital signage, websites, and event apps. "Tradeshows are inherently complex, so we're proud to offer our Tradeshow AI Assistant to make the entire experience better for attendees and organizers," Joey Zhao, CEO and founder at 22Miles, said in the release. Source: Digital Signage Today

Kernow Coatings, a leading provider of specialty coatings and print media solutions, is proud to announce the launch of its latest ground-breaking product, KernowJet Kling. Developed with cutting-edge coating technology, KernowJet Kling is set to revolutionize the window film industry with its innovative features and unparalleled performance. KernowJet Kling offers a unique alternative to traditional window films, providing users with a versatile solution for a wide range of applications. Unlike adhesive-based films, KernowJet Kling utilizes a specialty coating that mimics the properties of traditional window cling without the need for adhesives. This revolutionary approach ensures easy application and removal, making it ideal for temporary signage, promotional displays, and decorative applications. Source: Largeformatprinting.com

Kyocera Document Solutions Inc. announced a collaboration work designed and created by Mr. Kunihiko Morinaga, a designer and founder of the Japanese fashion brand "ANREALAGE," using the fabric printed by Kyocera’s inkjet textile printer "FOREARTH", has been announced at the 2024-25 Fall/Winter womenswear collection in Paris Fashion Week. This collection was held in Paris, France. Source: Kyocera

Soyang Europe, the leading manufacturer and distributor of digitally printable wide-format and superwide-format media and surface coverings, and supplier of leading edge wide and superwide format print production hardware solutions, has announced its acquisition of the stock and Intellectual Property (IP) of specialist textiles supplier Brook International. Established in 1898, Brook International is a name that is synonymous within the textiles market, supporting customers for over 125 years with flags and banner production. Brook International started out specialising in traditional flag fabrics but in more recent years moved into digitally printed polyester fabrics for flag and display applications. The agreement will see Brook International’s products integrated into the Soyang Europe portfolio, and distributed from the company’s facility in Altham, Lancashire. This will allow Soyang Europe’s customers to choose from a wider range of high-quality textile materials. Brook International customers will continue to experience the same service but with the added advantage of also having access to products from the Soyang Europe range with next-day delivery across the UK. Source: Largeformatprinting.com

German automated post-processing provider DyeMansion and HP have partnered to provide customers with advanced solutions for large-scale production of final parts. Utilizing HP’s 3D printing technology alongside DyeMansion’s post-processing workflows, the partnership aims to provide eco-friendly, scalable solutions of superior quality. This collaboration is anticipated to streamline access to comprehensive additive manufacturing solutions globally. Additionally, HP has partnered with Accel Digital Solutions (ADS), a startup focusing on 3D printing. Felix Ewald, CEO and Co-Founder of DyeMansion said, “The close cooperation between printer manufacturers and post-processing technology providers makes it possible to develop useful and market-oriented solutions for AM users worldwide. We at DyeMansion and HP have already internalized this very well. I am very pleased about this and look forward to our upcoming joint activities.” Source: 3Dprintingindustry.com

Large-format printing business The Big Ink Tank has invested in a new VeloBlade Nexus 2516 wide-format digital die cutting solution from Soyang Hardware, saying it plans to use the machine to expand its service offering and win new customers. Based in Coventry, The Big Ink Tank offers a range of print services, specialising in exhibition graphics and large-format work for galleries and museums. The printer works with a number of high-profile clients including Peugeot and the Royal Shakespeare Company, as well as major local customers such as Coventry Building Society and Coventry University. While already having an expansive service offering and customer base, The Big Ink Tank is always on the lookout for new opportunities and ways it can deliver more for clients. This thought process was a key part in its decision to invest in the VeloBlade Nexus 2516, a specialist machine manufactured by Vivid Laminating Technologies and distributed by Soyang Hardware. Source: LargeFormatReview.com

Peerless-AV, a digital signage firm, has been tapped by a German financial firm based in Düsseldorf for an innovative floating dvLED installation, in partnership with integrator DEKOM AG, according to a case study shared with this publication.Peerless-AV, a digital signage firm, has been tapped by a German financial firm based in Düsseldorf for an innovative floating dvLED installation in partnership with integrator DEKOM AG, according to a case study shared with this publication. The dvLED walls can be raised and lowered, with a maximum height of 12 meters (about 39.4 feet), using a system that includes a cable chain hoist, a lift motor and GENESIS control technology from ASM Steuerungstechnik GmbH. Peerless-AV was selected to mount the dvLED cabinets and attach the video walls to the lift system, which involved a custom-engineered mounting solution. Source: DigitalSignageToday.com

Researchers from the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign and the Beckman Institute for Advanced Science and Technology have developed a novel method for multi-color 3D printing. Unlike conventional multi-color 3D printing approaches which require multiple materials, this method only requires a single ink. This is said to make the new process more efficient and sustainable. Drawing inspiration from color-changing chameleons, the team’s UV-assisted-ink-writing approach allows structural colors to be altered “on the fly” during 3D printing. By changing the strength of UV-light while 3D printing, the researchers were able to achieve a wide range of colors. The colors of the 3D printed material were successfully programmed to reflect a wide spectrum of visible light. Source: 3DPrintingindustry.com

Drytac, the leading international manufacturer of self-adhesive materials for the large-format print and signage markets, is delighted to announce the global availability of ReTac Duo double-sided mounting adhesive. Previously only available in North America but now being offered to customers worldwide, ReTac Duo is a clear, double-sided mounting adhesive on a clear PET carrier. It has a permanent adhesive on one side and ReTac ultra-removable adhesive on the other.The permanent adhesive side of the film sticks to the desired graphic, while ReTac ultra removable adhesive on the other means the graphic can be easily applied, repositioned and removed for repeated use.Such is the flexibility and adaptability of ReTac Duo that it can adhere to walls, doors, windows, or any other smooth surface, without leaving behind residue when removed. This opens up its use in a wide range of projects including eye-catching wall graphics, double-sided window graphics, removable posters and more. Source: LargeFormatReview.com

Durst Group has engaged the renowned South Tyrolean artist Klaus Pobitzer as "Artist in Residence 2024". The artist will be inspired by the Durst Group headquarters in Brixen to create artistic works inside and outside the venue. One of the first fruits of the collaboration is the installation "Inside-Out". This focuses on Durst Group employees, whom the artist shows in large-format individual and group portraits, as well as technical details of the printing systems produced. Following the exhibition, the hundreds of square meters of installations on the façade of the Durst headquarters will be processed into recycled bags and auctioned off as unique pieces for a good cause. Source: LargeFormatReview.com

Agfa and EFI proudly announce that they have entered into a global strategic partnership aimed at leveraging each other’s cutting-edge technologies. The collaboration between two industry leaders marks a significant milestone in the wide-format inkjet printing arena. Within the framework of the partnership, Agfa will integrate EFI’s roll-to-roll system into its offerings, while EFI will incorporate Agfa’s high-end hybrid inkjet printers into its suite of solutions. Both printing platforms have established themselves as frontrunners in their respective fields. Customers and prospects stand to gain unparalleled advantages from this strategic collaboration. Through the mutual strengthening of the Agfa and EFI portfolios, both companies can present the broadest and most innovative product offering available in the market today, as well as a reliable service infrastructure. Source: PrintWeek MENA

Mimaki Europe, a leading manufacturer of inkjet printers and cutting technologies, has announced the appointment of Takao Terashima as the new Managing Director. Starting his career in Mimaki in 1997 as part of the R&D Department, Terashima has developed his extensive expertise in Mimaki’s technology portfolio and the surrounding market over the past 26 years. Throughout his time at the company, he has taken up various senior positions across the company. Prior to this new role, he was Senior General Manager of the Asia Oceania Business Unit, a position he first started in 2017. Before this, he spent six months as Senior Deputy General Manager of Quality Management between April and October 2017. Source: PrintWeek MENA

Hivestack by Perion, which operates a digital OOH advertising platform, has announced its partnership with Eletromidia, an OOH media company based in Brazil, according to a press release. Hivestack by Perion, which operates a digital OOH advertising platform, has announced its partnership with Eletromidia, an OOH media company based in Brazil, according to a press release. As part of the partnership, 46,000 Eletromidia displays across Brazil will be available to advertisers via the Hivestack supply side platform, with daily viewership estimated at 29 million for the Eletromidia display network. A partnership with a company of Eletromidia's stature demonstrates the global opportunities the DOOH market represents for Perion," Tal Jacobson, CEO at Perion, said in the release. "Brazil is a dynamic and growing market, and I look forward to the talented teams from Eletromidia and Perion working together to plan, build, activate, and monetize high-impact programmatic DOOH campaigns across the country. Source: Digital Signage Today

swissQprint is celebrating the third anniversary of the launch of its neon inks, which have proved increasingly popular as print service providers look to add value to the innovative solutions they deliver to clients across the UK. swissQprint was the first printer manufacturer to bring neon options to UV inkjet printing in March 2021 after a two-year development process. The pioneering firm saw great potential in neon inks for customers wishing to expand their print capabilities and set themselves apart from the competition. Sitting alongside swissQprint's CMYK and other inks, the neon pink and neon yellow gives indoor signage a dazzling look. Suitable for rigid and flexible media they have exceeded expectations and become an integral part of many customers' swissQprint machines. Source: LargeFormatReview.com

Canon has revealed two new series' of printers suitable for commercial and in-house print companies, both using the firm’s new pigment ink set Lucia Pro II. First of two is the seven-colour ImageProGraf GP series, designed for high-end poster printing. Available in 1,524mm, 1,118mm and 610mm sizes, the larger two can deliver A0 size posters on uncoated paper within 48 seconds. The second series to be launched is Canon’s ImagePrograf Pro series, designed for the photography and fine art market. Available in the same three sizes, the new series will replace Canon’s older ImagePrograf Pro-6100, Pro-4100 and Pro-2100 models. Source: Printweek

The company built a four-metre-high residential villa in one seamless session, located in the Al Awir 1 area of Dubai, with an overall built-up area of 300 sqm. The company stated that this was the world's biggest 3D-printed villa. “Aligned with the visionary decree No. (24) of 2021 issued by HH Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai, 3DXB GROUP is committed to supporting the country's ambitious goal of constructing 25% of buildings using 3D printing technology by 2030,” said chairman of 3DXB GROUP, Badar Rashid AlBlooshi. “This global achievement wouldn’t have been attained without the guidance of his highness vision and the instrumental support of our government partners.” Source: Technical Review Middle East

Al Mulla Office Automation Solutions, a subsidiary of Kuwait-based Al Mulla Group, has announced the launch of a series of printing and paper solutions for the fast-growing packaging, printing, and labelling markets. The high-value products include NS Multi 800 printer, a new solution from MTEX NS – the Portuguese digital printer manufacturer – and myCordenons – the premium Italian paper brand used for commercial packaging, procured from Dubai-based paper distributor Sona Commercial. Source: ME Printer

Alfalite, the sole Europe-based LED manufacturer, today announced AlfaArt, a line of luxury turnkey LED display and media player solutions, designed in collaboration with digital artist César Yagüe, according to a press release.Alfalite, the sole Europe-based LED manufacturer, today announced AlfaArt, a line of luxury turnkey LED display and media player solutions, designed in collaboration with digital artist César Yagüe, according to a press release.The product family is designed for large-format art display use cases, such as hotel and hospitality, corporate offices and entertainment venues. Source: Digital Signage Today

Fujifilm combines a breadth and depth of in-house expertise few can rival, with an international network of collaborative partners. The end result is a wide format ink range to meet the highest standards of quality, performance and compliance. The best ink developers and manufacturers combine expertise and experience with a freedom and licence to experiment in order to develop inks in accordance with emerging printing technologies, applications, regulations and market demand. Fujifilm’s inks development and testing centre is located on the same site as its award-winning inks manufacturing plant, and its Wide Format Inkjet Systems Headquarters in Broadstairs in the UK. Their team of skilled technicians, scientists, and analytical chemists use state-of-the-art equipment to analyse raw materials, develop ink tests and diagnose problems if and when they arise. Source: Largeformatprinting.com

Virginia-based diversified printing and signage business Trophy and Sign Center used Drytac ReTac Textures wallcovering film to create a stunning wall mural based on the iconic children’s book ‘Alice in Wonderland’.Founded in 1986, Trophy and Sign Center began life as a provider of trophies, signs, and plaques. The business has evolved over the years to expand into a range of other markets, and now offers everything from digital and screen printing to banners and wraps. For its latest print-based job, Trophy and Sign Center was tasked with creating a large wall mural for a local salon. Themed on Alice in Wonderland, the mural covered two walls, with one part measuring 92” tall and 192” wide (approx. 234cm x 488cm), and the other 92” tall and 108” wide (approx. 234cm x 274cm.) Source: Largeformatprinting.com

Al MARIYA stands as a reputable printing and production house situated in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates. With over two decades of experience in the printing industry. The company has garnered extensive expertise in various facets, including branding, large format digital printing, vehicle graphics, signage services, and more. The company has recently acquired a brand-new HP Latex Printer from Signtrade, showcasing its dedication to utilizing cutting-edge equipment and its commitment to embracing environmentally friendly solutions. The recent acquisition of the HP Latex 800 printer was motivated by the company’s commitment to delivering top-class quality to our customers. This cutting-edge technology is a green solution that has demonstrated its excellence in the market and aligns with our extensive research, affirming its reliability and performance. Source: MEPRINTER

With 80% of businesses worldwide automating processes, automation is increasingly important as organisations continue to navigate macro issues such as labor shortages. Automation also boosts the speed print firms can operate at, improves the accuracy of projects, and identifies errors - enabling PSPs to find new ways to streamline operations. As businesses run digital presses on a 24/7 basis, we expect to see a greater uptake of automated services, and the arrival of new tools to better meet PSP needs. By running businesses and print jobs through platforms like HP Print OS, print firms can unlock previously unseen efficiencies – such as through data analysis of operations, unattended printing or removing repetitive and time-consuming processes. Whilst the impact of artificial intelligence (AI) is still emerging in the large format sector, in the medium to long term, firms that have already implemented a highly automated infrastructure will be the ones most likely to benefit from AI-influenced advances in the future, such as predictive maintenance. Source: Largeformatprinting.com

Grand Visual was tapped by Warner Bros to promote its film "Wonka" in a global DOOH campaign that included 3D anamorphic elements, according to a press release. Out-of-home advertising creative firm Grand Visual has been tapped by Warner Bros to promote its film "Wonka" in a global DOOH campaign that included 3D anamorphic elements, according to a press release. The campaign included large-scale 3D anamorphic creative, such as clips of "Wonka" star Timothée Chalamet tipping his hat to passersby, in locations like New York City, U.S.A. along with Hong Kong, Changsha, and Guangzhou, China. Source: Digital Signage Today

Shenzhen-based 3D printer manufacturer Anycubic recently announced a new addition to its desktop FDM 3D printer portfolio, the Kobra 2 Max. Offering notable upgrades from the previous Kobra 2 model, the Kobra 2 Max is optimized for high-speed, large-scale desktop 3D printing at an affordable price. Anycubic’s new 3D printer also stands out thanks to upgraded bed leveling, extrusion, and cooling systems, as well as its PID calibration and vibration compensation. This article will highlight our first impressions of the Kobra 2 Max, whilst outlining the key features and selling points of Anycubic’s latest high-speed 3D printer. The Kobra 2 Max is available to order for $549 through the official Anycubic online store. Source: 3D Printing Industry

Al MARIYA stands as a reputable printing and production house situated in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates. With over two decades of experience in the printing industry. The company has garnered extensive expertise in various facets, including branding, large format digital printing, vehicle graphics, signage services, and more. The company has recently acquired a brand-new HP Latex Printer from Signtrade, showcasing its dedication to utilizing cutting-edge equipment and its commitment to embracing environmentally friendly solutions. The recent acquisition of the HP Latex 800 printer was motivated by the company’s commitment to delivering top-class quality to our customers. This cutting-edge technology is a green solution that has demonstrated its excellence in the market and aligns with our extensive research, affirming its reliability and performance. Source: MEPRINTER

Ethiopian printing business Meron Printing Trade said its decision to invest in an HP Latex 800W has helped it to establish a new benchmark for print quality in the country and has allowed the company to access work across a range of markets. Founded in 2016, Meron Printing Trade is based in the Ethiopian capital city of Addis Ababa and has established itself as a leading provider of print in both the local region and further afield into the international market. Meron Printing Trade offers a range of services but counts roll-up banners as its main service, working with clients across key sectors such as conferences and education. The company’s investment in an HP Latex 800W from approved HP partner Signtrade has played a major part in its success in the business’s relatively short history. Meron Printing Trade says the quality of print on the HP Latex 800W machine helps it to stand out among competitors. Founder Mr. Yilekale said such has been the impact of this that Meron Printing Trade has been able to set a new standard for print quality in Addis Ababa. Source: Largeformatreview.com.

Black Rifle Coffee, a coffee brand that has branched into retail coffee locations, has partnered with Creative Realities, a technology firm offering digital signate, experiential, and SaaS services, to revitalize in-store digital signage at physical Black Rifle Coffee locations, according to a press release. The partnership includes the Creative Realities Clarity CMS software, which is used to create content including promotions and dynamic video creative on store screens, along with POS integration and automations designed to enhance efficiency. Source: Digital Signage Today

Central to the Kobra 2 Max is its speed. According to Anycubic, the Kobra 2 Max’s 500mm/s maximum 3D printing speed and 10,000mm/s² acceleration is 10x faster than most mainstream FDM 3D printers on the market. Indeed, the Kobra 2 Max’s recommended 3D printing speeds of 300mm/s can reportedly fabricate a 3D Benchy in just 18 minutes, 83% quicker than other 50mm/s systems. High-speed 3D printing is aided by a high-performance Cortex-A7 1.2GHz processor. This offers strong computing power for fast calculations, command execution, and motor control. Anycubic’s new 3D printer is also notable for its substantial 500 x 420 x 420 mm build volume. With the Kobra 2 Max, users can produce models with a volume of up to 88 liters in a single 3D print. Source: 3Dprintingindustry.com

For two decades, Peter Rommel has established his company as a complete service provider in the field of advertising technology, and today exclusively relies on large-format solutions from Mimaki for printing. His clients include not only smaller local businesses and enterprises but also well-known brand manufacturers who no longer want to do without the direct and personal support, or the convincing quality of the prints they order. Owner, Peter Rommel, employs a tried-and-tested, albeit initially unconventional concept in his company: In an environment where it is often assumed that no business can succeed and remain profitable without a significant degree of automation, he relies exclusively on direct customer interaction, the value of his products, and the extensive know-how of his team. Source: PRINTWEEK MENA

Emirates Post Group (EPG), in collaboration with the ongoing UN Climate Change Conference COP28, has issued an exclusive collection of commemorative stamps, the ‘COP28 Official Edition’ and the ‘COP28 Youth Edition’. While ‘COP28 Official Edition’ reaffirms EPG’s commitment to environmental conservation, the second set of ‘COP28 Youth Edition’ stamps, brought out in collaboration with the Ministry of Culture and Youth, originated from EPG’s efforts to actively engage the youth to increase awareness of climate risks and highlight their crucial role in shaping a sustainable tomorrow. Designed by Aisha Al Zain – the winner of a nationwide stamp design competition held earlier this year – the stamp, not only commemorates the importance of COP28, but also celebrates the innovative spirit of young minds. Source: MEPRINTER

Oman is at the forefront of embracing the technologies of the Fourth Industrial Revolution in construction, with a particular focus on 3D printing. This innovative approach has garnered attention globally and is now being actively pursued in Oman’s higher education institutions and companies, supported by the private sector and academic research. Focusing on questions like – Can buildings constructed using innovative and smart technologies be used on a large scale? What is the future of smart building technologies? – the latest issue of Scientific Insights magazine published by Ministry of Higher Education, Research and Innovation sheds light on these issues. According to Othman Maktoum al Mandhari, Founder and CEO of InnoTech, 3D printing technology is transforming the construction industry, allowing companies worldwide to put up buildings within days, while adhering to the highest quality standards and being environmentally friendly. This technology also significantly boosts energy efficiency due to superior thermal insulation. Source: Muscat Daily

Canon Middle East and Turkey (CMET) has set its sights on robust growth, projecting a revenue uptick of 11% in 2023. Driven by its commitment to serve the ‘Customer of Tomorrow’, the company anticipates double-digit growth in both consumer and business product segments in 2024. Reinforcing its commitment to innovation, Canon continues to invest more than 8% of its global sales in R&D annually. The company’s growth mirrors global economic trends, with thriving markets such as the Middle East showcasing a healthy 4.8% growth rate, surpassing the global average. Venkatasubramanian Hariharan, Managing Director at Canon Middle East and Turkey, spoke passionately about the significance of this annual gathering in the region. Emphasizing on the importance of unity, innovation, and customer-centricity, he says, “Our commitment to our partners and our shared vision to be lifetime imaging partners, enhancing the lives of the ‘Customers of Tomorrow’, has never been stronger. Canon’s achievements in 2023 are testament to our resolute mindset focused on understanding customers and elevating our value propositions in the market.” Source: MEPRINTER

Commercial printers and sign and display specialists will enjoy greater production flexibility and versatility following today’s announcement of Ricoh’s official partnership with Flora Digital. Ricoh and Flora partnership will be powered by Ricoh technology. Ricoh Europe has formalised its relationship with Flora Digital, a prominent flatbed and large format digital inkjet manufacturer, with a strategic partnership agreement. This will focus on expanding and diversifying Ricoh Europe’s product portfolio with highly responsive and agile large format systems for the graphics arts, interior décor, and industrial markets. Explains Eef de Ridder, Vice President, Graphic Communications Group, Ricoh Europe: “We have been listening to our clients. Following the positive feedback and orders of Ricoh’s UV flatbed series, and the continuing market demand for flexible UV hybrid devices for sign and graphics applications, we wanted to explore how Ricoh technology could be combined with Flora’s manufacturing expertise to create responsive, versatile solutions that meets today’s market demands. We look forward to expanding our offering with systems that combine both parties’ technical knowledge and expertise to support clients as they evolve their large format capabilities.” Source: Largeformatprinting.com

Hivestack, an independent, programmatic digital out of home (DOOH) ad tech company, has launched Hivestack Curate, a DOOH marketplace with customizable inventory sourcing and curated deal management, according to a press release. The system integrates with more than 390 media owners across more than 35 markets, and includes first- and third-party data solutions. "Hivestack Curate provides DOOH buyers with enhanced tools to operate and navigate the fragmented and complex programmatic landscape, enabling them to have more control and autonomy to strategically curate their supply inventory in a transparent and centralized platform," Andreas Soupliotis, CEO and founder of Hivestack, said in the release. "This new marketplace will offer buyers unparalleled supply side decisioning power that can be managed across teams and platforms across the globe." Source: Digital Signage Today

It all began in the second half of the 20th century when digital technology began to gradually replace mechanical and analogue electronic technology as a means of storing, transferring, and utilizing information. The digital revolution ushered in a proliferation of digital computers and digital data storage. Established in 1997 in Billerica, Massachusetts, E Ink Corporation provides low power e-ink modules to world renowned brands and manufacturers. The US company is considered the originator, pioneer, and commercial leader of electronic paper (e-ink) technology. E-ink has come a long way, from the earliest e-readers of the aughts to a huge array of devices in every major category. Source: MEPrinter

Graphtec GB has announced that ColGraphix UK has been appointed as a Certified Reseller for Mutoh sign and display and flatbed UV direct-to-object printers. Lawrence Hebron, UK Product Manager (Mutoh) for Graphtec GB, says, “We are delighted to welcome ColGraphix as a new Graphtec GB reseller to sell our Mutoh printer range in the UK. While the company itself was only formed earlier this year, the owners have many years of experience selling Mutoh and have previously installed a large number of systems throughout the UK. Colgraphix specialises in providing customers with complete printing solutions, including software, consumables, installation and support, and they are a fantastic addition to our reseller network.” The owners of ColGraphix UK have a long history and an excellent reputation for providing comprehensive wide-format printing solutions to the UK market. Source: Largeformatprinting.com

Nanolumens has announced its partnership with Immersive Display Solutions Inc. (also known as IDSI), a global provider of products and services for simulation and training, according to a press release. The deal includes distribution of the Nanolumens Nixel Flex Direct View LED, a display whose design incorporates features suitable for military simulation and training, such as the combination of fine pixel pitches and True Curve Technology for angular resolution. "We have been monitoring the evolution of dvLED technology over the past decade and we are pleased that Nanolumen's unique Nixel Flex dvLED products address the needs of the simulation and training market," George Forbes, CEO at IDSI, said in the release. "The Nixel's fine pixel pitch of 0.9mm brings the angular resolution within specification for our customer's needs. Moreover, when considering the total cost of ownership, the Nixel is competitive with traditional projection-based displays." Source: Digitalsignagetoday.com

Dino Zoli Textile is a well-established Italian company specialising in the production and supply of a broad range of textile products. With a successful history of over 50 years, they have been at the forefront of innovation, continually meeting the evolving demands of their diverse client base. Their partnership with Mimaki, a leading manufacturer of wide-format inkjet printers, has allowed them to expand their product offerings and increase customisation, driving their success in an ever-competitive market. Source: PrintWeek MENA

In a ground-breaking move, Signtrade, an industry leader for over 35 years, inaugurated its Innovation Center in Dubai. A pioneering facility spanning an impressive 5,500 square feet, exclusively dedicated to showcasing revolutionary HP Latex Technology. This, one of its kind regional center, promises our esteemed clientele an immersive and unparalleled experience, enabling them to explore the cutting-edge solutions firsthand. Signtrade's strategic alliance with HP signifies a milestone, as it brings cutting-edge HP technology to Signtrade's extensive global network, encompassing the entire MENA and South Asia region. Source: PrintWeekMENA

ADC Acquisition Corporation, the UAE’s first special purpose acquisition company (SPAC), announced that it has successfully completed its previously announced business combination with Abu Dhabi-based United Printing & Publishing (UPP), with the deal receiving all requisite regulatory approvals. The completion of the transaction marks the first ever successful SPAC merger process in the Gulf. New shares of ADC issued as part of the private investment in public equity (PIPE) transaction will be listed on Abu Dhabi Securities Exchange (ADX) on 9 November, 2023. Source: MEPrinter

Sign specialist Freeney’s Graphics has chosen to futureproof the business and its ongoing evolution with investment in an Epson SC-V7000 UV Flatbed printing solution and an Epson SC-S80600 Large Format roll to roll printer. The sixth-generation family run Dublin sign specialist worked with local Epson supplier digitalprint.ie to cement its reputation for high quality sign and display solutions, bring production inhouse, and expand into new markets. Tom Freeney, Managing Director of Freeny’s Graphics, explains: “We were originally sign writers but today we are producing digital format print, large format print and a lot of vehicle graphics. We were early adopters of digital printers and as their technology has evolved, we have evolved with them, and the business has grown.” Source: Largeformatprinting.com

Sony Electronics has announced the launch of its EZ20L series of BRAVIA professional displays, according to a press release. With target applications including corporate, education, and retail use cases, the series is designed to complement the Sony BZ-L series and will offer models ranging in size from 43-inches to 85-inches."Customer demand is what drives our development and expansion, and in this case, our users sought a more accessible and budget-conscious display optimized for corporate, education, and retail environments," Rich Ventura, VP, professional display solutions, Sony Electronics, said in the release. "With the addition of the essential EZ20L series, our complete range of options now supports the exacting requirements of various businesses and spaces and takes advantage of the quality and feature set inherent to Sony's professional displays." Source: Digitalsignagetoday.com

Abu Dhabi is touting a breakthrough in 3D printing for the automotive and aerospace industries at the massive technology show GITEX in Dubai this week. Researchers at the Technology Innovation Institute, a government-backed entity for applied research, developed a new patent-pending metal alloy at its additive manufacturing lab, which they say has commercial potential for pistons in racing cars and satellites. The additive manufacturing market, known colloquially as 3D printing, was worth $16.8 billion in 2022 and is set to grow nearly threefold by 2027 to $44 billion, according to Research and Markets. Expanding the range of materials that can be used to print parts and withstand high temperatures and other harsh environments is a critical part of building the value of the still-niche 3D field. Source: The Circuit

In any industry, digital signage enables organizations to quickly and effectively deploy engaging content to specific locations for specific purposes. AI and ML will continue enhancing digital experiences, allowing businesses to adapt and curate personalized, engaging content relevant to the right audiences. The modern customer experience (CX) is largely dependent on and influenced by digital experiences. A study by Deloitte found that consumers are leveraging the benefits of in-store and online shopping to conduct research and find inspiration before making a purchase. In this study, shoppers revealed in-store displays motivated them 23% of the time compared to 32% with an online advertisement. Source: DigitalSignageToday.com

Although it remains a small portion of the textile printing segment, digital textile printing is growing faster than other printing processes. In speaking with leading digital textile ink specialists, here have been new developments on the digital textile printing side which are helping to drive the growth in digital printing. For example, Epson has been emphasizing new printing advances, including its hybrid SureColor F2270 for both direct-to-garment (DTG) and direct-to-film (DTFilm) printing. Tim Check, senior product manager, Professional Imaging, Epson America, said that from Epson’s perspective, Epson is focusing on engineering products to be more compact, precise and efficient. Source: Inkworldmagazine.com

Mimaki Europe, a leading provider of industrial inkjet printers, cutting plotters, and 3D printers, has announced co-hosting a series of 200 in-person events across the EMEA region. This extensive events programme, titled ‘Mimaki Application Days’, will take place over the next six months in partnership with Mimaki’s valued dealer network. Each event features special localised content designed to provide customers with face-to-face application-focused information and advice, aimed at supporting business growth. Each ‘Mimaki Application Days’ event will offer customers a chance to connect with Mimaki and its partners on a local level and engage on the latest market trends and applications driving new business opportunities. It also provides a platform for customers to see Mimaki’s latest technology in action, ask the Mimaki and partner teams for expert advice and technical support, as well as connect with industry peers. Source: MEPrinter

This acquisition has allowed the company to attract a broader customer base, win new business opportunities, and position itself for continued success in meeting customer demands for high quality and customised wide format printing. With a firm commitment to delivering exceptional wide format printing solutions, the Acuity Prime, installed in May 2023, is the latest addition to their advanced production line-up. Equipped with seven ink channels, CMYK, White, Clear, and Primer, and powered by the ColorGATE RIP the new printer is empowering Byblos to expand its production offering to include unconventional materials such as wood composite and glass. Largeformatprinting.com

HP Inc. has announced a new 36-inch DesignJet portfolio that simplifies the printing needs of AEC (architecture, engineering & construction) professionals who increasingly work in a hybrid environment - needing a high-quality printing experience, whenever and wherever they are. The devices will also enable copy shops to better meet the requirements of AEC customers. With 54% of AEC firms deploying a hybrid work policy, flexible working models are here to stay. This new approach has changed workflows, requiring aspects of the job, including large format printing, to be enabled in a hybrid environment. Because of this, users need intuitive print technology that meets their technical needs, whether that is printing A3-A1 CAD drawings or architectural boards, all without compromising on security. Source: LargeFormatReview.com

Digital signage firm ScreenCloud has partnered with Microsoft to develop workplace digital signage via Azure integration. The ScreenCloud software for employee engagement and productivity has been made available through the Azure Marketplace and is integrated with Microsoft productivity applications. ScreenCloud envisions a future where content is dynamically generated from the web, leveraging deep integrations with strategic partners like Microsoft. This collaboration empowers customers to elevate employee engagement using the content and systems they already have, but now reaching the entire workforce via screens, not just the knowledge workers. Source: DigitalSignageToday.com

Smurfit Kappa, Europe’s largest paper and packaging producer, recently made a significant move into the North African market with the opening of its first plant in Morocco. This strategic expansion is part of their broader investment initiative, which has seen the company invest 4.7 billion euros in the last five years. Smurfit Kappa has been operating in Morocco since the 1990s, initially establishing a sales presence. To meet the escalating demand, Smurfit Kappa decided to invest in its first corrugated manufacturing plant in Morocco and the African Continent. This 35-million-euro investment led to the creation of a state-of-the-art greenfield green energy packaging plant, completed in record time. Source: MEPrinter

Miraj Cinemas has announced the grand opening of its latest cinema location, Gurdaspur Miraj Cinemas, according to a press release. The cinema multiplex is the first in Gurdaspur, India and includes digital signage, projection, and proAV technologies for moviegoers. The cinema can seat 555 visitors across three screens and continues the brand's tradition of completely vegetarian movie theatre food options. Source: DigitalSignageToday.com

World’s First 3D Printed Abra, In a major thrust to Dubai’s marine transport, HH Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Crown Prince of Dubai and Chairman of the Dubai Executive Council, has approved the Dubai Marine Transport Master Plan 2030. The plan includes a 188% expansion of the marine transport network, a 400% increase in passenger lines, and the manufacturing of the world’s first electric abra (traditional boat) using 3D printing technology. During his visit to the Roads & Transport Authority (RTA), Sheikh Hamdan reviewed the master plan for scaling up Dubai’s marine transport system through to 2030. This included the RTA’s innovative project to manufacture the world’s first electric abra using 3D printing technology in collaboration with the private sector. Source: MEPrinter

3D printing possibilities are getting more visible in the UAE, with Paradigm 3D opening a Dh20 million facility in Dubai – and billed as the first such in the Middle East to produce parts with aerospace-specific EASA Part 21G regulation. The new hub, in Jebel Ali Industrial Area, has been fitted out with industrial 3D printers from Stratasys of the US. The 10,750 square feet factory will initially have a production capacity of 2,000 additively manufactured parts per year, and with expectation to grow that to around 20,000 per year over the next decade. Typical components produced at the facility will include aircraft interior components for seating, lavatories, electronic cooling ducts, environment control system ducting, wire guides, filter boxes, micro vanes, gaskets, component connectors, air intake manifolds and others. Leading aircraft and cabin interior product manufacturers have been using additive manufacturing systems from Stratasys. Source: Gulf News

The digital signage software market will exceed $7 billion by 2032 thanks to an annual growth rate of 21.3%, according to "Digital Signage Software Market," a report by digital signage tech firm 22Miles in partnership with Emergen Research. Covering North America, Europe and Asia Pacific markets, the report found the corporate applications vertical to be the largest subset at 21%, followed by retail, education, restaurants, healthcare and other (17%, 14%, 12%, 11% and 26%, respectively). The report found North America forming the largest market overall at more than 40% (though Europe is the fastest-growing market, with annual growth predicted at 17.3%). Source: DigitalSignageToday.com

ADC Acquisition Corporation (ADC), the UAE’s first special purpose acquisition company (SPAC), has entered into an agreement with ADQ Developmental Holding to acquire Abu Dhabi-based United Printing & Publishing Sole Proprietorship (UPP). Established by ADQ and Chimera Investments in April 2022, ADC is a SPAC mandated to identify a scalable, high growth business with attractive valuations. Following the business combination, UPP will become a publicly listed company on the Abu Dhabi Securities Exchange (ADX), a significant milestone which will mark the region’s first successful SPAC merger process, a statement said. As consideration for the contribution of UPP to ADC, ADQ will be issued 62.3 million new Class A shares in ADC for an issue price of AED10 per share, implying an equity value of AED623 million ($169.62 million) for UPP. Post-merger, ADQ will remain the single largest shareholder in the combined company. Source: TradeArabia

Italy-based Toscotec, a leading-edge technology and customized solutions provider to paper producers around the world, will supply a forming section rebuild of PM2 to Kuwait’s Gulf Paper Manufacturing Company at their Mina Abdullah paper mill. Scheduled for rebuild by the end of 2023, PM2 machine produces tissue from 100% virgin fibres. This is a repeat order for Toscotec, which successfully delivered a major dryer section rebuild of Gulf Paper’s packaging paper machine (PM1) in 2019. The latest project aims to improve PM2’s paper formation and cross-direction (CD) basis-weight control through an approach flow system upgrade and installation of a state-of-the-art TT headbox. The new headbox will be designed to match the high quality requirements for facial tissue in the Middle East market. Source: MEPrinter

Durst Group, manufacturer of advanced digital printing and production solutions, has acquired Aleph SrL, a pioneer in sustainable digital solutions for textiles and interior and exterior decorations. With this strategic move, Durst Group further enhances its position in water-based and sustainable printing technologies. For Durst Group, the acquisition also serves as a bridge to Como, Italy, the center for textile design and high-quality applications. Established in 2000 in Lurate Caccivio (Como), over the last 20 years, Aleph has transitioned from a software house and distributor of textile consumables to an independent manufacturer of innovative machines for digital water-based printing. Source: LargeFormatReview.com

Mimaki Europe has announced the development of a new direct-to-film (DTF) printer, the TxF300-75. The new system incorporates the stability and functionality of Mimaki’s first DTF printer, the TxF150-75, while delivering new levels of productivity with print speeds that are three times higher. Mimaki’s intention, when entering the DTF market earlier this year, was to offer customers a stable, efficient DTF platform that incorporates Mimaki’s renowned quality standards. In line with the original machine, the new TxF300-75 meets these objectives, whilst catering to a diverse set of printing demands, including larger companies requiring higher volumes of high-quality output. The reliability of the Mimaki DTF printer series is achieved through the built-in ink circulation system that prevents white ink clogging, and a degassed ink pack, lowering the risk of poor ink jetting. The new printer also includes core Mimaki features, including NCU (Nozzle Check Unit) and NRS (Nozzle Recovery System) for stable, uninterrupted print production. The DTF process also enables customers to print on a wider range of fabric such as cotton, mixed fabric, polyester, and dark coloured fabrics. Source: LargeFormatReview

Mohammad Annan and Lujain Al Mansoori, two students at Carnegie Mellon University in Qatar (CMU-Q), a Qatar Foundation partner university, have done their varsity proud by winning top prize in the FoodTech category of the Business Incubation and Acceleration (BIA) Hackathon 2023 hosted by Qatar Development Bank (QDB). The duo created an idea for 3D printed vegetables as an alternative to farming, which could bolster food security in countries like Qatar where there is a scarcity of arable land. Annan and Al Mansoori used a combination of artificially-grown vegetable cells and UV-sensitive 3D printer ink to print vegetables. Their pitch included plans to modify 3D printers to accommodate biological matter, and a prototype printed carrot. As winners of the FoodTech category, Annan and Al Mansoori won 25,000 Qatari riyals to invest into their idea. Source: MEPrinter

Building on the innovative technology of the NOVAFOIL 106, BOBST launched a new version of the hot foil stamper, dedicated to the application of holograms. Featuring a completely redesigned hologram application system, the NOVAFOIL 106 H gives converters maximum flexibility and efficiency for hot stamping transfer with holograms. Only two years ago, the NOVAFOIL 106 was introduced. It was the first inline hot film stamping machine from BOBST offering an advanced cross-foiling option, increasing its efficiency and versatility. It also offered a new level of embellishment quality with its redesigned platen section – ensuring longer dwell time, stable platen temperature, and higher pressure. Reliability, coupled with cost-efficient foil use and great flexibility, is also the basis for the new version of this compact and productive machine. Source: MEPrinter

E Ink, the developer of ePaper display technology, has announced that it is collaborating with Sharp Corporation in the Fall debut of color models of ePoster electronic paper displays using E Ink Gallery Plus, including a 25.3-inch and a 13.3-inch model, according to a press release. With an eye to low power costs, sustainability and lightweight installations, the ePosters are currently the world's only Dark Sky Association approved digital signage, and they only consume power while updating content; static content does not consume electricity. Software compatibility options include Sharp e-Signage S, Sharp's digital signage software solution. Source: DigitalSignageToday.com

The R&D Centre of Dubai Electricity & Water Authority (DEWA) has filed a new patent for an innovative build plate and method to detach 3D printed objects automatically. This ensures the best performance of 3D printers as it eases the removal of 3D printed objects during the printing process, making it feasible to have a continuous 3D printing operation. The invention supports DEWA’s intensive efforts to develop advanced infrastructure and specialised software in 3D printing and additive manufacturing, and invest in them to overcome challenges in the energy sector. DEWA uses 3D printers to produce prototypes and spare parts for its generation, transmission, and distribution divisions, and to support the digitisation of its inventory. Source: MEPrinter

Media and advertising firm Vistar has launched "Accelerate: foundations of digital out-of-home," a certification program for programmatic digital out-of-home advertising, according to a press release. Part of educational arm Vistar Academy, the program is designed to help media and marketing professionals, as well as media owners, to better understand and execute pDOOH campaigns in the rapidly evolving ad landscape. "The Accelerate certification program provides advertising practitioners with a comprehensive curriculum covering the fundamentals and benefits of DOOH advertising, as well as key innovations brought about by programmatic technology," Leslie Lee, SVP of marketing at Vistar Media, said in the release. "With interactive training, reviews of essential tools, valuable tips and best practices, participants gain the confidence and skills to manage programmatic DOOH campaigns, and to effectively plan for DOOH as part of omnichannel campaign strategies." Source: DigitalSignageToday.com

Dubai Municipality announced its issuance of the first construction license for a private villa using 3D printing technology. The villa will be printed in one session and will be located at Al Awir 1 area in Dubai. A four-meter-high structure will be printed in a single session, and the villa construction work that started recently will be as part of an unprecedented global project. The villa is expected to be completed by October 2023 and will be built entirely from locally sourced concrete. These procedures enhance the aspirations of Dubai and support the objectives of the Dubai 3D Printing Strategy 2030. The strategy aims to increase the percentage of implemented 3D printed buildings in the Emirate to achieve a minimum rate of 25% by 2030. Source: Zawya

Oman’s ITHCA Group has announced its investment in technology company InnoTech to expand the use of 3D printing technology in real estate development. The investment in InnoTech, a Muscat-based company specialized in innovative 3D printing services and educational technologies, aims to enhance the real estate sector by exploring innovative solutions and integrating knowledge and technology. InnoTech has achieved a milestone as the first company in the Middle East to construct a building with a locally developed 3D printer using locally sourced materials. Source: MEPrinter

Dubai-based contemporary art and design incubator Tashkeel has opened a creative facility housed in Alserkal Avenue’s Warehouse 89, in the city’s western neighbourhood of Al Quoz. The new Tashkeel Makerspace responds to the current demand among established and emerging creators to access several high-specification equipment that provide a range of processes using a variety of materials to experiment, prototype, and produce. Source: MEPrinter

"Star Trek" star William Shatner has appeared via hologram at the Advertising APAC 2023 conference located at Luna Park in Sydney, Australia using Proto hologram communication technology, according to a press release. "You're there in Australia and I'm here in Los Angeles," Shatner said during his address. "But thanks to Proto hologram, we're together." The conference included regional advertising and marketing leaders along with the debut of the AWAPAC Future is Female Awards presented by LinkedIn. Shatner beamed into the event on the second day at the Great Minds stage to participate in a session on technology, innovation and the future of the planet hosted by Catherine Bowe, client council and industry trade lead at Meta APAC. Source: DigitalSignageToday.com

Samsung and Warner Bros. Pictures have partnered to bring movie previews into brick and mortar stores, aiming to woo theater-goers, according to a press release. The deal includes rolling out previews to more than 65,000 stores worldwide using Samsung's Neo QLED 8K screens, featuring Samsung's Neural Quantum Processor 8K and Quantum Matrix Technology. "This partnership is an exciting step forward for 8K content, showcasing the Neo QLED 8K's capabilities and getting people excited about seeing films in cinematic quality," Cheolgi Kim, EVP, Visual Display Business, Samsung Electronics, said in the release. "Collaborating with Warner Bros. allows Samsung to show how ultra-premium TV technology can take their favorite films to a whole new level." Source: DigitalSignageToday.com

Investment in a Mimaki Tx300P-1800B digital printer has allowed Dundee-based Flamingo Fabrics to revolutionise its business model, as it focuses on providing sustainable solutions for designers and home sewing enthusiasts. Following its purchase of the production textile printer through Mimaki Authorised Partner, R A Smart, Flamingo Fabrics has both embraced sustainability and leveraged the potential for providing short run lengths that empower creativity while minimising waste. Traditional manufacturing processes often involve large minimum order quantities, leading to unused fabric that may end up as waste. Flamingo Fabrics' approach eliminates the need for our customers to purchase more fabric than necessary, ensuring that every metre we print is used effectively. Source: LargeFormatReview.com

DLS INTERNATIONAL FZC, a leading enterprise specializing in high-quality Acrylic Manufacturing, has recently announced a significant expansion in our acrylic product offerings. Breaking free from the limitations of extrude sheets, DLS now proudly offers an extensive range of acrylic products, including acrylic sticks, acrylic tubes, and much more. Whether it is extrude or cast, the company has advanced full-automatic Acrylic production lines that ensure top-notch quality. This development comes as a result of DLS's continuous commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction. The company warmly welcomes customers to inquire about their expanded catalog of acrylic products, reflecting their dedication to providing diverse and cutting-edge solutions in the acrylic industry. Source: www.dlsacrylic.com

Established since 2005, Desert Sign specializes in printing machines, media and digital signage products. With their head office in Dubai and branches extending over UK and Pakistan. Desert Sign is using signage products to revolutionize printing industry and vast customer engagement by introducing more improved and environmental friendly Products in printing, digital signage and graphics. Introducing advanced technology UV and DTF printing machines and latest range in digital signage in this exhibition, With rising popularity we are offering digital products with extensive range of LEDs, LCDs and neon signs, Desert Sign takes pride in its in-house production and providing customize shape, size and content creations with assurance of quality and best of services to our clients. Keeping up with global technological trends, the company is showcasing the latest range of Printing machines and digital signage.

DTF (direct-to-film) printers are equipped with DTF powder shaking machines, which integrate vinyl powder coating and drying. The best affordable, cost-effective DTF printers produce high volumes of high-quality printing on T-shirts, cotton, poly, denim, and more for personal, family, small business, and industrial apparel printing services.

1. Print on Any Kind of Fabric
2. Make Unlimited Designs in No Time
3. Same Quality as Screen Print
4. Superior to Sublimation & DTG Print

This can transfer on masks, canvas bags, T-shirts, jeans, leather and silk. You can try any material you want to print. At the same time, the color limitation is avoided. Regardless of the color of the garment, we can transfer it. In addition, the transfer effect is good. Most importantly, the international community is now increasing demand for this due to its environmental protection standards. Our products are truly no waste discharge and this is environmental friendly, and it is breathable and comfortable to wear on the body. Comply with environmental protection standards. Customer feedback is very positive. Source: www.dlsacrylic.com

In the printing industry, direct-to-film technology is having a transformative impact on the apparel decoration space. It provides a simple and affordable garment printing process that facilitates vibrant, dynamic, full-colour designs with a durable print. It opens up opportunities for digital print service providers (PSPs) to expand their product offerings in the textile industry, their network of potential customers, and thanks to the versatility of the process, expand the wide range of fabrics they can print on. As its popularity grows in the textile sector, Mimaki recognised the need for a quality solution that utilises our core technologies to take the process to the next level, combined with our well-established manufacturer support. Source: MEPrinter

High-precision 3D scanner manufacturer 3DMakerpro has launched its new 3D scanner dubbed Lynx. The Lynx 3D Scanner is a portable and affordable option that offers high accuracy in 3D scanning. It finds utility in various fields like art, design, and industrial design, and is also suitable for generating 3D models for 3D printing purposes. Additionally, it is accompanied by JMStudio scanning software designed exclusively for 3DMakerpro. The Lynx 3D Scanner boasts a high level of accuracy, with measurements as precise as 0.10mm, allowing for the creation of highly detailed and accurate 3D scans of objects. It also offers a resolution of 0.30mm, ensuring that even the smallest details can be captured effectively. When it comes to scanning large objects, the Lynx 3D Scanner employs an optical stabilizer and advanced visual tracking technology to ensure smooth scanning without the need for markers, minimizing misalignment risks. Its advanced visual tracking capabilities enable the scanner to effectively capture objects that are challenging to mark, such as people or animals. Source: 3DPrintingindustry.com

Nigerian celebrities have leveraged 5G network solutions by MTN along with hologram technology Proto to make a cross-country tour, according to a report in Yahoo! Finance. The participants included Johnny Drille, Praize, Hamisu Breaker, Qdot Alagbe and Slowdog, all of whom appeared via Proto hologram using MTN's 5G network on a tour that included malls in Abuja, Kano, Enugu and Ibadan along with the Hard Rock Café in Lagos. By introducing cutting-edge Proto holographic technology powered by 5G to the country's entertainment scene, this pioneering initiative has pushed the boundaries of live performances. Source: DigitalSignageToday.com

Barely does a day go by when artificial intelligence, or AI, does not appear in the news in some form. Whether this is a report about how ChatGPT can be used to write a news story about itself, or even how software has been used to make it seem that long-deceased singers are covering modern-day hits, there is no doubt over the level of excitement in this area. Similarly, AI is now playing a much bigger role in industries of all kinds. This is certainly the case in print, where AI has been rolled out in some form during recent years to help automate parts of the printing process and make life easier for print companies. Robots are already being used to carry out traditionally mundane tasks such as stacking finished work – and at a much faster rate than if it were to be done by human hands. At one time, all print jobs needed to be managed with paper, a pen, and a calculator in an office; now, we are blessed with software and tools such as management information systems, which have significantly helped print companies stay on top of things. Source: LargeFormatReview.com

Scientists from Nanyang Technological University Singapore (NTU Singapore), the Singapore Centre for 3D Printing (SC3DP), and Japanese electronics firm Panasonic have developed a new multi-material 3D printer. Electronic components and devices are traditionally manufactured from rigid metals, silicone, and ceramics. However, there is growing demand for flexible and wearable electronics that can be bent, twisted, and conformed to various surfaces. This new 3D printer aims to meet these market demands. Incorporating multi-wavelength high-power lasers, the 3D printer is designed for quick and easy 3D printing of smart, flexible, and wearable electronic devices. Source: 3DPrintingindustry.com

The Bernard Group (TBG), a leading North American visual merchandising company, recently purchased four Jeti Tauro H3300 UHS LED systems from Agfa. As TBG sought to enhance their visual merchandising offerings, they evaluated various factors such as print quality, sustainability, environmental impact, ink cost and mileage, ink and consumable availability, maintenance, service, device flexibility, and vendor relationship. TBG sought a strategic partner who could provide a comprehensive solution, and they found one in Agfa. Agfa’s Jeti Tauro H3300 UHS LED systems offer TBG roll and board printing that produces identical results in color and quality with a unified appearance across media. TBG achieved color consistency and a more effective workflow by adding fully automated, light, and master roll-to-roll capabilities with the four Jeti Tauro UHS LEDs driven by Asanti. Source: PrintWeekMENA

As per Future Market Insights (FMI), the global digital textile printer market is estimated to reach US$ 2,212.9 million in 2023. Over the forecast period 2023 to 2033, global sales of digital textile printers are expected to rise at 9.8% CAGR. This is projected to take the total market valuation to US$ 5,304.3 million by 2033. Growth in the market is driven by continuously changing fashion trends, a high need for advanced printing technologies, and increasing demand for customized & personalized home décor. The market for custom textiles in the home décor and furnishing sector is experiencing rapid growth. Nowadays, people have a preference for fast fashion and exclusive products that can be customized and personalized according to their specific demands. Source: Yahoo Finance

Dubai Electricity & Water Authority (DEWA) has announced that it has saved AED 509,658 (approx. $138,000) during 2021-2022. The authority produced over 1,800 spare parts for the generation, transmission, and distribution divisions at its R&D Centre, cutting down on the effort and time required to replace the spare parts. The average time taken to provide spare parts using additive manufacturing is just four days, which supports DEWA’s operations. Al Tayer also pointed out that the R&D Centre is equipped with multiple 3D printing systems that can manufacture spare parts for DEWA’s different service units, utilizing over 20 materials covering various engineering applications, including metal and high-performance thermoplastics. Source: MEPrinter

Introducing the LSR Hybrid - Boss Laser's latest innovation that is set to transform the laser cutting and engraving industry. Equipped with both a CO2 laser and CNC spindle, this cutting-edge tool is incredibly versatile and can handle a wide range of materials and applications with exceptional precision. This is the second new product release of 2023 from Boss Laser, following the 'Alignment Tool Kit' that was released earlier this year. Both new products were spearheaded by Kevin Lucas, the Director of New Business Development at Boss Laser. Designed, engineered, and manufactured in the USA, the LSR Hybrid comes with 155 watts of CO2 laser power and a 2.2KW (3HP) Air Cooled CNC Spindle. Boss Laser is proud to offer custom options for the LSR Hybrid machine, including a work area that is 4'x4', 5'x10', 6'x12', or larger builds, to suit your needs. The optional braille insertion tool with programming gives you all you need for creating quality ADA-compliant signage. Source: Newswire

Abu Dhabi-based Sinaha Platform, a B2B e-commerce platform supporting national products in the UAE, has signed an agreement with Russian partner Omega Future, to plan and build the first 3D printer and educational robot factory in Abu Dhabi. The agreement, signed on the sidelines of Make it in the Emirates Forum, aligns with the objectives of the comprehensive national strategy of the Ministry of Industry & Advanced Technology (MoIAT) for developing the UAE’s industrial sector, enhance its role in stimulating the national economy, promote local products among consumers, and make supply chains robust. The MoU was signed by Kardous Mohammed bin Salem bin Kardous Al-Amiri, Deputy CEO of Sinaha, and Yaroslav Aleinik, founder & CEO of Omega Future, in the presence of HE Osama Amir Fadhel, Assistant Undersecretary of Industry Accelerators Sector at MoIAT, and Arafat Al-Yafei, Executive Director at the Industrial Development Bureau. Source: MEPrinter

Mactac self-adhesive products application training for applicators was held in Dubai, UAE. Mactac is a leading supplier of pressure-sensitive adhesives. In an exclusive conversation with PrintWeek MENA, Ed Nolle, senior technical sales specialist Benelux and MENA at Mactac said that, “we conducted the training because we wanted to educate the market here about our products. The applicators need to be up-to-date with the technology to use the applications perfectly. Sometimes they may use the products not exactly in the recommended ways. If you are not up-to-date, the products might not behave as you would like them to. So always stay on top of emerging technology trends. Thus, trainings are really important to get the maximum benefits of the products. Source: PrintWeekMENA

The new Fujifilm Print Experience Centre (henceforth "PEC"), which brings together the most advanced technologies and products from the Graphic Communications and Photo Imaging divisions, is located at Fujifilm's new European headquarters in Ratingen, in a 1,200-square-meter design space. The PEC represents a real "call-to-action" for all visitors, a collaborative space where they can imagine and experience the present and future of the printing industry in all its broadest forms. It will offer training and demonstrations to Fujifilm customers and partners, as well as the opportunity to evaluate and experiment with varied media and receive support to achieve optimal printing results. The area is equipped with co-working and events space to expand its intended use and ensure maximum comfort for visitors and users. Source: Largeformatreview.com

Kornit Digital LTD., a worldwide market leader in sustainable, on-demand digital fashionx and textile production technologies, announced that the Company is taking the power of digital fashion to new heights with enhancements to the Kornit Presto MAX system for digital fabric decoration on demand. Designed with the fashion and home décor industry in mind, the enhanced solution presents breakthrough capabilities for transforming virtual concepts into brilliant custom fabrics, supplementing best-in-class digital efficiency and quality with industry-first brilliant white printing on colored fabrics. The new NeoPigmentTM Vivido ink breaks barriers to achieve darker, deeper blacks and colors and establish new fashion standards with a pigment-based process. Kornit’s patented solution offers a streamlined and completely dry process for the most sustainable fabric decoration. Bringing together richer, deeper blacks with lower ink usage and better hand-feel is the unique combination necessary for sustainable fashion fulfillment – which Kornit pioneered and continues to lead. Source: Largeformatreview.com

3D printing has revolutionized the manufacturing industry, from construction to healthcare, automotive to designing. But in recent times, the cutting-edge technology has been applied in additive manufacturing in the lucrative food industry, easily one of the largest growing and popular sectors, be it in terms of taste, quality, or most importantly health and nutrition. 3D printed food business has been gaining traction in recent times and is for real, almost on the verge of transforming conventional restaurant kitchens across the world. The growing popularity of molecular gastronomy, a culinary trend that focuses on the science and principles behind cooking and food preparation, is driving demand for 3D printed products. Also called food layered manufacture (FLM), this novel way of making food digitally applies the additive manufacturing method to food fabrication. A report by Washington DC-based market research firm Vantage Market Research sees the global market for 3D printed food grow to a total value of $872.4 million, at an impressive CAGR of 49.9% through to 2028. Source: MEPrinter

HP has introduced HP SitePrint, a robotic solution designed to improve productivity in the construction industry. The solution aims to address the challenges of low productivity and human resourcing in the sector. HP SitePrint is an end-to-end suite of technologies that automates the site layout process, offering ground-breaking performance and accuracy. It consists of a rugged and autonomous robotic device, cloud tools for job submission and management, a touch screen tablet for remote control, and a portfolio of inks for different surfaces and environmental conditions. The robotic device is designed to operate in the conditions of a construction site and is highly transportable. It can print lines and complex objects with pinpoint accuracy and repeatability. The solution also enables the printing of text, bringing additional data from the digital model to the construction site and improving communication between professionals. Source: MEPrinter

swissQprint launched the Nyala UV flatbed printer in May 2012. Exactly eleven years later, the Swiss manufacturer has now sold its 1000th unit of this successful model. The swissQprint production team celebrated a special printer at company headquarters in Switzerland: the thousandth Nyala machine, due to be finished and delivered in June. The 3.2-metre-wide flatbed printer has been a success story ever since its launch eleven years ago. This printer enjoys a large following around the globe. In the European market, it has been the best-selling model in its category for eight consecutive years. Source: Largeformatreview.com

The Sharjah Publishing City (SPC) Free Zone has signed contracts with more than 10 Arab and international institutions and publishing houses from Algeria, Egypt, and Sweden, to open branches in the city, with the aim of expanding its business from Sharjah in the regional book market. The agreement will also help workers in the publishing and creative industries to benefit from SPC’s integrated facilities and services in printing, warehousing, shipping, distribution, logistics, and marketing. The SPC Free Zone held a series of meetings with over 50 Arab and international publishing houses looking to transfer their business to Sharjah. During the session, they reviewed the mission and vision of SPC, the opportunities offered, promotion options, and access to new markets around the world. Source: MEPrinter

17 engineers from Dubai Electricity and Water Authority (DEWA) have completed a one-year advanced training programme in 3D printing The programme, which was organised by DEWA’s R&D Centre, supports DEWA’s efforts to develop innovative future solutions that enhance productivity and operational efficiency. DEWA has honoured the graduates who represent the first cohort of the DEWA 3D Printing Champions Programme, which aims to improve the organisation’s 3D printing capabilities through academic and practical workshops on the latest 3D printing technologies, reverse engineering, and manufacturing economics. This will prepare qualified specialists in 3D printing by providing them with the necessary skills to deal with the latest technologies in this field and to build models and manufacture spare parts for all of DEWA’s divisions. Source: Zawya

Viola Outdoor, a division of Abu Dhabi-based Viola Communications, has partnered with mobile marketing media solutions firm Firefly to launch taxi-top digital out of home advertising in the United Arab Emirates, according to a press release. I am delighted that Viola Communications is at the vanguard of digitalization of the outdoor marketing infrastructure of the UAE capital. Ad targeting tools are made available for LED screens on the system via proprietary GPS and Internet connections, and the system aims to enhance Abu Dhabi's smart city initiative. Source: DigitalSignageToday

Heavy-duty just got a whole new meaning, when in fact it is the latest grit-rolling cutting plotter, Graphtec FC9000 series. Customers can experience unrivaled cutting precision with the Graphtec FC9000. From intricate designs to small text, this cutter delivers accurate and clean cuts every time, ensuring your projects look flawless. With unmatched speed and power it can boost your productivity with the increased cutting speed and cutting force of the FC9000 series. Cut through thick and tough materials effortlessly, saving time and effort. Extended Cutting Length also eliminates the need to frequent repositioning. The FC9000's extended cutting length provides the flexibility to work with larger media and longer roll materials, streamlining the workflow. Customers can also maximize their efficiency with the FC9000's dual-tool configuration capability. Load two different tools simultaneously, reducing tool change time and increasing productivity. FC9000 series simplifies your cutting process with the intuitive control panel of the FC9000. One can access functions and settings easily, thanks to the user-friendly interface and informative LCD screen. Source: ADS Advertising

The Middle East paper industry has evolved over the years and is now one of the world’s fastest growing markets. Though the COVID-19 pandemic brought in disruptions and bottlenecks in production with unprecedented challenges for paper manufacturers across the world, it also helped mushroom new opportunities in paper packaging and paper disposables, further fueled by an e-commerce boom. Post-COVID, the GCC paper industry saw new expansions and investments, surging in excess of $1.6 billion in almost the last two years. The UAE and Saudi Arabia have a major share of these investments in greenfield projects as well as in expansion of existing production facilities to cater to the growing consumer demand for paper products, particularly in hygiene and packaging. The growth of investments in the Middle East paper industry also comes in the backdrop of the Ukraine war which is a major cause of concern for Europe with serious implications on the energy-intensive paper industry. Source: MEPrinter

Mutoh Europe nv, EMEA subsidiary of the Japan-based wide-format digital printer manufacturer, has announced that its ground-breaking hazard-free, non-gBL MS51 sign and display inks for its XpertJet PRO printer range, have obtained VOC (volatile organic compounds) emission attestation for leading standards organizations in Europe and globally. Mutoh’s MS51 Sign and Display inks were independently tested by Normec Product Testing for VOC and odour emissions in relation to legal compliance, green building rating and other leading certification programs for building products. The MS51 inks achieved full compliance with AgBB in Germany, Belgian Royal Decree 8 May 2014 legislation, M1 certification in Finland, DICL in Denmark, Polish legislation, LEED in the US and BREEAM in Norway, the Netherlands, UK and international. Thanks to these positive results for the key regulations and protocols related to VOC and odour emissions, Mutoh can give peace of mind to its users that MS51 inks are safe for use in all kinds of indoor decoration applications, including the most sensitive ones, such as hospitals and schools. Source: PrintWeekMENA

Japanese multinational Kyocera Corporation has launched FOREARTH, its new inkjet textile printer that aims to eliminate virtually all water usage from fabric printing, and printing-related water pollution that has been an issue faced by the textile and apparel industries worldwide. Compared to traditional analog printing systems that consume large amounts of water, especially in washing and steaming processes, and waste water pollution due to fabric printing, Kyocera’s aptly-named FOREARTH combines patented inkjet, ink, and printing equipment technology to contribute to solving these environmental problems. FOREARTH is an All-in-One printing system that uses new proprietary pigment ink, pre-treatment liquid, and finishing agent, which are constantly discharged in the same sequence from the inkjet head. This system eliminates the pre- and post-processes required for conventional dye printing and dramatically reduces water consumption of textile printing by 99%. According to Kyocera, the new process uses only 0.02 litres of water per kilo of fabric as compared to 153 litres per kilo used in traditional dye-based textile printing process. Energy consumption and CO2 emissions are also reduced as it does not need large-scale equipment used for pre- and post-treatment processes of textile printing. Source: MEPrinter

Launched by ADS Advertising, one of SGI’s long standing exhibitors, these machines allow you to create DIYprojects with incredible precision. From cutting out fabric patterns, to creating custom stickers, the Silhouette Cameo is the modern maker's best friend The Silhouette Cameo® Pro provides a 24-inch cutting path and provides all of the same features as the Cameo 4 model. It uses a blade to cut over 100 materials, including paper, cardstock, vinyl, and fabric up to 24 inches wide. The Cameo has the ability to register and cut printed materials and is PixScan™ compatible. To learn more about the product please visit the website www.adsmarketplace.store or send a message at adsadver@emirates.net.ae. Source: ADS Advertising

With over 15 years of success in the field of industrial garment printing, electronics and electrical equipment company Brother is entering a new market with its WF1-L640 latex wide-format printer. The printer is designed for a large range of applications such as banners, drawings, window graphics, storefront signage, trade show graphics, vehicle wraps, and outdoor advertising. Additionally, interior decorations like wallpaper, floor applications, or paintings can be ideally implemented with the new printer. Taking advantage of the latest print head technology and ink chemistry, Brother has developed an eco-friendly ink with GREENGUARD Gold certification. The latex ink developed for the WF1-L640 in combination with the company’s print heads achieves a high colour depth and an excellent print result. The piezo print heads guarantee high quality and high-resolution prints of up to 1200 dpi. The Brother WF1 wide-format printer is a user-friendly, high production machine that ensures a good workflow. The printer also comes with professional production RIP software. Brother is a regular SGI Dubai exhibitor. Source: MEPrinter

ACTEGA, a manufacturer of specialty coatings, inks, adhesives, sealants, and compounds with a focus on the packaging and print industry, has announced a $5 million investment in its New Jersey facility. The investment will fund numerous developments across the site, including the transition to automated production processes and plans to increase production capacity and storage space. With this significant investment and focus on boosting its market share in both packaging and print, ACTEGA is ideally positioned to succeed in the highly competitive North American market. Source: PrintWeekMENA

As all items from Sineo Packaging are made using recyclable, biodegradable, or compostable materials, restaurants can play an important role in reducing landfills and having eco-consciousness at the forefront of their business by opting for supplies from the Deliveroo packaging web store. All items available through the store are tested for heat retention, toughness, and stability to avoid incidents such as cold food and spillage, and coupled with a hassle-free and quick delivery service, enhances customer satisfaction. Source: MEPrinter

The AP-CODE lot and date coder is a great accessory for the label application process, adding the feature of printing dates, lot codes, and text directly onto glass, metals, plastics, and even laminated labels. As announced by German international OEM and solution provider for specialty printing systems, DTM Print, this date coder, manufactured by US-based Primera Technology, Inc., is compact, affordable, and easy to use. It is designed to work seamlessly with the AP-series label applicators, including new and existing installed units. With no tools required, AP-CODE installs quickly to the AP360e and AP362e label applicators. It doesn’t need a separate power supply and includes a full-colour touchscreen to enter data and configure date and lot codes. The print fields are free-format and can include letters, numbers, and many symbols. Formats can be stored for later use to speed up production. Source: MEPrinter

Chrysels Digital Advertising has purchased its UV Gel printer Canon Océ Colorado1650 from Heliozid Océ. The printer was installed in April. This is their third machine from the same supplier Heliozid Océ. Babu Radhakrishnan and Samuel Thomas of Chrysels Digital Advertising were happy with the performance and services from Heliozid Océ. They said, “we invested in Canon Oce Colorado 1650 one year ago. Canon is well known brand for its quality and Océ is known brand for its reliability. The Colorado1650 is from both families, so it has Quality and speed also with low ink consumption. We have been dealing with Heliozid Océ since 2015, we have a number of their printers. We feel they are real professionals at work. After COVID, demand has been picking up. So as per the market trends, we did the investment in the Océ Colorado 1650. “The Océ Colorado prints at high speed with high quality and 4 colors. Additionally, prints do not require lamination. This printer will cover almost all the applications and requires less human intervention. Océ Colorado 1650 was within our budget. And, Heliozid Océ engineers were very professional and experienced, the installation and training took only two days, our team started printing jobs immediately. Source: PrintWeek MENA

Egypt’s Export Council for Printing, Packaging, Books, Literary and Artistic Works has announced that eight companies will be part of a trade mission touring Morocco from 15 to 19 May 2023, as part of its plan to promote the sector’s products abroad. The Export Council’s Executive Director Sara Ibrahim revealed in a statement that Egypt’s exports of packaging and paper products achieved a growth of 30% during 2022, at $56.4 million, as against $43.3 million in the year-earlier period, confirming that Morocco is one of the most important markets in the Arab region that must be focused on in the coming period. She emphasized that Egypt’s presence in the Moroccan market and creation of prospects for joint cooperation are within the council’s plans. The mission also aims to find opportunities to exchange visions and experiences with specialists from both sides in order to stimulate trade and export in the printing and packaging sector. Source: MEPrinter

Mexican large-format printing company Sïcksè places a high value on sustainability and quality in their business strategy. Looking for a compatible inkjet supplier, they landed on Agfa. The relationship has since proven to be a tight and fruitful one. Comercializadora Sïcksè has more than 10 years of experience in the printing industry. The company has grown significantly in recent years and currently has 60 employees. Sïcksè’s sister company Green Rollam produces sustainable materials for printing. A few years ago, Sïcksè started looking for a printing equipment supplier that could help them expand their business and that shared their business values and philosophy of caring for the environment. Agfa’s UV LED technology and its patented, GREENGUARD Gold-certified, eco-friendly inks answered their requirements. Source: LargeformatReview.com

Konica Minolta was honored with Oman's Most Trusted Brand Award in the “Office Equipment” category. Mohsin Haider Darwish (MHD)- Infrastructure, Technology, Industrial & Consumer Solutions (ITICS) complements the brand’s vision in Oman by remaining steadfast in delivering quality products and services. “We would also like to extend a heartfelt thank you to all our esteemed customers who have placed their utmost trust in our products and services and voted for Konica Minolta in the survey”, stated Mohsin Talal Al Bahrani. Konica Minolta’s journey started 150 years ago, with a vision to see and do things differently. Konica Minolta Business Solutions Middle East, based in Dubai DMCC, United Arab Emirates, is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Konica Minolta Inc., Tokyo, Japan. Source: Printweek MENA

German investment firm AURELIUS Group has completed the long-planned sale of Agfa-Gevaert Group’s Offset Solutions division. The Belgian manufacturer had agreed to sell the division to AURELIUS in a 92 million euro deal nearly eight months ago. AURELIUS officially closed the acquisition of Agfa Offset Solutions on 4 April 2023. Under the share purchase agreement, Agfa will continue to provide certain consumables including films, and services to its former division. For AURELIUS, the takeover gives them roughly 20% of the global market share and market leaders in Europe and Latin America. Under its new ownership Offset Solutions is also poised to rebrand, with its new name expected to be revealed later. Source: MEPrinter

Avery Dennison Corporation announces the promotion of Steve Flannery to Senior Vice President and General Manager EMENA of the newly formed Materials Group. He replaces Hassan H. Rmaile, who was promoted to president, Materials Group worldwide. The Materials Group brings the company’s Label and Graphics Materials (LGM) business and its Industrial and Healthcare Materials (IHM) together under one group, which comprises Label and Packaging Materials, Graphic Solutions, Reflective Solutions, Hanita, Performance Polymers, Avery Dennison Medical and Performance Tapes. The group of materials science businesses is organized in a cohesive framework to ensure a full range of innovative solutions and support is available to customers. Flannery’s appointment comes after 22 years with Avery Dennison, over 20 of which he served in the company’s U.S. operations. He has extensive industry knowledge and a proven track record, with experience spanning innovation, sales, marketing, operations, and leadership in the company’s Industrial and Healthcare Materials, Label and Graphic Materials North America, Performance Polymers Adhesives and Apparel Solutions businesses. Source: Largeformat Review

With advancements in digital printing, Mimaki’s latest UV curable inks offer car wrappers a revolutionary new way to upgrade your ride. Car wrapping has become more creative and experimental than ever before. Today’s current trends see vivid new textures, bright colours, and bold patterns adorning vehicles all over the world, which look to remain popular for years to come. However, the business of car wrapping is not new, on the contrary, it has been around since the 1920s. For many years tailor-made paint jobs, while cost prohibitive for most, ruled the market for vehicle customization. People were able to give their vehicles a full makeover with designs of their own choosing, and subtle, and not-so-subtle effects or colours. These were often unobtainable from the original dealer, meaning that the customized vehicle was truly one of a kind. Think back to John Lennon’s famous 1969 Rolls Royce Phantom, painted with a flower power design, befitting the time, which was categorically refused by Rolls Royce when initially requested by the Beatles star. With bespoke designs now a common sight across film and TV, vehicle customisation has hit new heights of popularity, and personalising your vehicle is deemed a status symbol by many. Source: Printweek MENA

SGI Dubai is a platform that brings players within the large inks and substrates. From across the world. Over the last decade, the adoption of digital printing has accelerated, and this technology is even becoming a popular option for the future of industrial-scale printing. However, the best type of ink to use in this sector is still debated, and the decision depends largely on the factors you consider. As with any recurring investment, inks are an important factor to look at when investing in a printer or press, especially for large-scale operations. Not only do the recurring costs add up, but so do the CO2 emissions. In order to maximize profits and keep CO2 emissions low, it is important for the printer to create added value, be versatile in its applications and for the ink to be good value to begin with. So, considering UV-LED and Latex printers, which is a more beneficial investment? Visit SGI Dubai to know more. Source: PrintweekMENA

Labels are a crucial part of any packaging. They have a strong impact on the purchasing process of consumers by drawing attention to a product. In addition, labels contain plenty of information that can influence consumers to buy a product or look for an alternative. When buying a product, consumers also take into account how sustainable the product packaging and the used label are. Hence the question is, is plastic better than paper or vice versa? There is no general answer to this question. It is important though that the same materials are used for a packaging, for example a PET label on a PET bottle with a PET cap or a paper label on a cardboard box. Unlike composite packaging, mono-packaging can be recycled as a whole and without the consumer having to manually separate the different materials that composite packaging are made of. If that doesn’t happen in advance, the only way to recycle is by thermal recycling, or waste incineration. Source: MEPrinter

Roland DG Corporation has introduced the new DGXPRESS printer brand, “emphasizing superior productivity at an economical price.” The first in the series are two new UV wide format printers, the UG-642 and UG-641, designed for outdoor and indoor applications including signs and banners, window graphics, backlit panels, POP, labels, and decals. The UG series includes two wide-format inkjet printers that use UV ink, "which is growing in popularity in the sign and graphics and digital printing markets," said a Roland DG press release from its global headquarters in Hamamatsu, Japan. "The UG-642 features dual staggered print heads and an output speed of up to 31.9 m2/h (720 x 600 dpi). It is ideal for customers who need to produce large-sized output in a short period of time. The UG-641 is also priced comfortably for those who want to expand the scope of their business, or for those who wish to start a new print business. Source: MEPrinter

Caracol, an Italian additive manufacturing (AM) company specializing in large format platforms, announced that it has closed its Series A financing round, in which it attracted €10.6 million (about $11.34 million) in new investments. Along with continued development of Caracol’s flagship Heron AM system, the funds will go towards Caracol’s international expansion, centered around two new corporate offices in North America and the Middle East. Officially launched in September, 2022, the Heron AM leverages the combination of a robotic arm system produced by leading German robotics manufacturer KUKA, and a patented extrusion head for 3D printing composites. This sort of process has rapidly gained traction with customers in heavy industry, amid the general process of AM’s increasing deployment for production of larger and larger parts. With realistic potential for growth on the near-term horizon, then, Caracol also plans to use its latest investments to triple its workforce, currently totaling about 40 employees, by the end of 2024. Source: 3DPrint.com

The global digital signage market size was valued at US$ 21.9 billion in 2022 and is expected to reach US$ 42.54 billion by 2030, poised to grow at a CAGR of 7.7% from 2022 to 2030. this market is growing because more and more people want to advertise their products and services online to get the attention of their target audience. Also, the demand for 4K digital sign displays with software and a media player built in is growing because they offer customers an affordable Ultra HD digital signage solution. This is also likely to make people want to buy. Some of the things that are expected to drive product demand are the creation of new products like home monitoring systems, leak detector systems, and so on, and the creation of complicated financial products like forex cards that need short, informative ads. SOURCE: Contrive Datum Insights Pvt Ltd.

Allun Silk Screen printing has purchased its first Mimaki sublimation printer from Heliozid Océ; the printer was installed in January and has performed well, printing more than 1,000 sqm in its first month. Allun General Manager M Aziz was pleased with the performance, and this is what he had to say during our meeting. He explains, “we have invested in the Mimaki TS 100 sublimation printer in early January 2023. Mimaki is a leading Japanese brand known all over the world for its excellent quality and productivity. The Heliozid Océ sales account manager approached us as we wanted to expand into the sublimation printing market. The Heliozid account manager understood our requirements and offered us the Mimaki TS100-1600 which matched our requirements. We were impressed with the quality of the printer. More importantly it was important to purchase from a supplier with good support and strong service team. This is the reason we went for Heliozid Oce, the newly appointed Mimaki partner. SOURCE: PrintWeek MENA

Egypt’s Export Council of Printing, Packaging, Paper, Literary and Artistic Works has announced that the sector’s exports increased 8% to $1.063 billion in 2022 as against $987.8 million in the year-earlier period. The council’s report revealed that the packaging sector’s exports rose by 4% to $624.75 million in 2022 as against $601.63 million in the year-earlier period. While corrugated cardboard exports totaled $46.81 million in 2022, a rise by 8%, as compared to $43.15 million in 2021, folding carton exports grew by a robust 126% to $30.15 million in 2022, as compared to $13.35 million in the year-earlier period. The flexible packaging sector’s exports dipped 3% to $348 million in 2022, as compared to $358.68 million in 2021. Plastic packaging exports were up by 4% to $132.60 million, as against $127.1 million. SOURCE: MEPrinter

3DPRINTUK, a leading provider of polymer Powder Bed Fusion (PBF) 3D printing processes for manufacturing, announced that it is continuing its growth trajectory in 2023. The company closed out 2022 with the news of its ISO 9001 accreditation, a significant milestone. As 2023 gets underway, the company is maintaining its steady growth trajectory as it moves forward with its internal investment plans. To kick off this expansion, 3DPRINTUK has expanding its array of 3D printers to augment its production capacity and streamline delivery schedules for its customers. In January, the company added a third HP Multi Jet Fusion (MJF) machine, which increases capacity with this technology by 50%. Additionally, the company has added to its equipment by purchasing a new EOS Formiga Selective Laser Sintering (SLS) machine, bringing the total number of EOS SLS machines at its London facility to 13. SOURCE: 3DPRINTINGINDUSTRY.COM

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